Tuesday, February 8, 2011

catching up

thursday evening my best friend from high school and her family arrived. my mind is so full of so many things i want to write about i don't even know where to begin. i'm sure this will spill over into more than one post.

all of my worries flew out the window and i feel like we connected as only grown ups can. of course we reminisced about high school some, but i think we began filling in the gaps of the last 25 years, although honestly we'd started doing that in emails anyway.

i was surprised, although i really shouldn't be, as to how much i didn't know about her life when we were friends in high school. about how strict her parents were, about the role of care giver she started wearing early on in life. i guess i always assumed that because she was so happy when we were together that she had the perfect parents/family. but then i didn't share all of my dark secrets w/ her back then either (those have come out later). she said her time with her friends was the happy time in her life then and she didn't want to taint it or infect it with all of the other things going on. even then she was so mature.

she is even more amazing than i realized. she takes care of everyone, and i mean everyone. her family, her husband's family, friends, strangers. i think she stepped in as the "mom" of her family way before her mother died, and yet she remained close with her mother and it is obvious how much she loved and still loves her.

she was incredible, incredible with my kids. i had no doubt that the boy would love her...they'd already "chatted" on facelibre and he was excited for them to come. i was worried about the girl. my introvert. texas simply would not allow the girl not to talk to her. she taught her to make enchiladas, authentic enchiladas. : ) i think i cried while they were doing it. her affectionate nature is contagious. she's a hugger. a sincere hugger.

we spent our time talking and playing some board games and cooking and talking some more. one night we (me, her and the hubs) stayed up talking and drinking margaritas until 6am! i don't remember the last time i stayed awake that long. we didn't really have enough time by ourselves, just the two of us, but i have no doubt, over the years, that will come.

i am still overwhelmed with emotion that she came. and overwhelmed with sadness that she's gone now. i can't believe how much i love her and how lucky i am to have her back in my life.


Anonymous said...

SO glad you all had a good time, and got to spend that much time with a good friend! I know you needed that.

Sweet T

cheatymoon said...

I reconnected with my high school friends last year via facelibre and felt all the same emotions. They mean so much more to me than I had anticipated. I'm so thankful for the internet, because we are in touch so much more now.
We're getting together at the end of the month and I can't wait.
So glad you had a good visit.

Gal Friday said...

I felt quite overwhelmed with emotion, too, as I read this entry. How lucky for you to have reconnected and to have had the simple pleasure of hosting a lovely human being. Glad the visit went so well.

I remember growing up, that you HAD to pretend everything was okay--it was an unspoken rule, I guess--in many homes. I have learned that not everything is as it seems.

Off topic a bit--you had asked(at my blog) about what size pan for crepes-I bought a 9 1/2 " one and it was a good size. If you want the recipe for the crepes(they were a success), just e-mail me.

The Mayor said...

I'm not a hugger, in general. But if I ever initiate a hug...you can stake your life on it that it's heartfelt & sincere.

What a lucky girl you are to have had this time.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone...I'm Texas...and I'm just completely overwhelmed with this entry...I love this girl with my entire heart and I'm just in tears ..of joy and sadness ... because I miss her so!