Monday, February 21, 2011


sometimes i am able to pull my head up long enough to get a different perspective and to realize that no matter what the circumstances, things can always get worse.

then i blink and holy hell. on the tmi front---i am almost 100% convinced i'm peri-menopausal. i had that stupid useless (at this stage in life) visit from that dumb bitch aunt flo last week and she left two days ago. apparently, flo is getting on in years, getting senile, so she came back to visit today. really? REALLY? i have one of those fun checkups in a couple of weeks and we will seriously be discussing the inevitability of aunt flo moving to a fucking retirement home.

the girl and i went to high school open house tonight. omfg. i think even if i were emotionally stable these days that would have thrown me for a loop. the school is huge. 2000 students. wtf? so many breeders out there! sheesh. despite all of the research and thoughts of magnet schools etc. she will most likely go to this school. she did get into a magnet, but it would be for two years and then she'd have to pick another school. plus transportation to any of the magnets is a pain in the ass and honestly, if we lose the house where she goes to high school will be the least of our worries.

the girl handled this open house much better than i did. the damn principal kept referring to them as the class of 2015...she said it elebenty billion times, like freshmen parents aren't freaking the hell out enough w/out her throwing it in our face than in 4 years our babies will be gone. bitch.

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Unknown said...

Yikes. There is a whole level of crazy in the waiting for me, when my time comes.

Sounds like in a school that large shes bound to make friends. It will be ok.