Monday, February 21, 2011

finding a patch of sun

....the girl's cat is lying in a patch of sun on the floor, content as can be for that gift of sunlight.

the very brief visit w/ the sil and nephews was nice. kind of weird, since this is the first visit w/out the bil around. i like his boys. the eldest, who is 15 is....6'4" tall! holy hell. really i think my jaw dropped when he walked in the door. he is ginormous.

it was frustrating because the sil seems to fly by the seat of her pants w/ plans and while we were expecting them around 1-2pm yesterday they didn't get here until after 6pm. they left this morning in search of snow in the mountains and will fly home tomorrow morning. i think the four kids enjoyed themselves. it really was a painless visit.

it did make me sad though. knowing the boys don't have their dad. and, while i have no way of knowing how my sil really felt about my bil, i can't help but be sad and compassionate for her, raising two boys on her own. my bil and i may not have always seen eye to eye but i know for sure that he loved being a dad and it is obvious his kids love him.

one of my cousins broadcasts her life story on fb. it is like watching a horrible redneck reality show on cmt or something. she is 12 yrs younger than me and it seems her second marriage is on the fritz. she's met both husbands online. she did not know either of them very long in person before they got married. she has a child from each of them.

it makes me sad to think that she might be going through yet another divorce soon and also have to deal with another horrible custody battle and/or ongoing issues w/ child visitation etc.

so....i guess the patch of sun i've found this weekend is that even if i don't find a job in the next few weeks and even if we end up losing everything we've worked for over the last 20 years, i still have the hubs and my kids still have a dad.


Unknown said...

Ah yes...perspective changes everything.

wish I could send a great job your way.

cheatymoon said...

Glad the kids had fun.

Great perspective. xo