Thursday, February 10, 2011

the dreaded heart day

have i told you before how very much i hate valentine's day? as much as i love chocolate, flowers and romantic comedies i cannot stand valentine's day. it makes me sick. if i see one more jewelry commercial (don't even get me started on stupid heart shaped jewelry) i will projectile vomit.

this whole holiday is a manufactured, commercial disaster waiting to happen.

i think maybe when you are dating it might be more exciting, i really can't remember back that far. i'm sure if you're single and don't want to be you hate the holiday even more than i do.

i think the dreaded day is even less appealing when you are in a slump. anyone who's been in a long-term relationship knows what i'm talking about. relationships are cyclical it seems. for no apparent reason you get in a rut and no matter how many times you've been in it and gotten out you can never remember how to get out.

a few questions:

how do you feel about having sex when you have house guests? i have issues with this. i am the only one?

what do you do that makes you think you are a good spouse? sometimes i think i put more effort into other relationships (kids, friends, family) than i do into being a spouse. while part of that is because that is probably the person i feel safest with and i know he'll love me no matter what, but i'm sure part of it is laziness too. what tips do you have for being a good spouse??


Unknown said...

Re: doing the deed while hosting company...too many factors to answer, but in general if they are parental, uh no. If the guests are sleeping near our room, uh no.

Now the good spouse part. I have too many kinks in my marriage to claim to have many answers, however, this is currently a good period and a main reason for that is he and I are both making the effort to show love in the way the other person needs the most.

best marital advice I know is The 5 languages of love.

cheatymoon said...

I am not a spouse, so I can't comment. Although we've been together for 13+ years and we know the cycles of ups and downs very well. Right now we're sort of in an up cycle....
It's too early in the morning, so I can't come up with any helpful hints. :-)

Anonymous said...

I generally don't have a problem making the whoopy when I have house guests,except if they're sleeping way close to our room.It's kind of nice,makes me feel like a naughty girl (totally corny,but true).

I'm not a spouse yet,but I am in a relationship,and even now I can see that both my boyfriend and I sometimes take each other for granted.But that's life,and so long as you don't completely shut your loved one out of what you're doing with your time,I don't think it should be a problem.