Friday, October 8, 2010

it was early morning yesterday and i was up before the dawn

well, in the fall/winter i'm up most days before the dawn, but that's not the point of this post.

there actually will be no discernible point, so if you're looking for one, just move along.

it is friday and i am so happy. i am meeting some friends for lunch (which i haven't done in months). the planets aligned just right so there are no soccer games or karate classes this weekend. we are actually going to try to catch my nephew gameboy's football game for a change.

the hubs had to go out of town last night for work, something he hasn't done in a long, long time. he called me yesterday so excited...he found a cleaver. yes, a meat cleaver. he likes smoking meat (among other things) and has been wanting a cleaver so he can chop his meat into proper bbq. the cleavers we've seen are $30+ and that just seems a bit expensive for...a cleaver. he found one for $14. he will be smoking a pork shoulder sunday. and playing with his cleaver.

we are raising leaders in our house. the boy is in the leadership program in karate. aside from the fact that this means his karate belts now have black stripes in them, it also means he is training to be a future instructor. the girl was nominated by her teachers to be on the hawk leadership team at school. good grades, model student...these are the things that qualify her to be on the team. they get to help plan events (like the end of year 8th grade celebration), some in school spirit stuff and field trips and participate in some community service activities.

we had to go to tarjay last night to get the boy some jeans. while the girl will try to wear shorts as long into fall/winter as she can get by w/...the boy would wear jeans all summer if i let him. honestly i don't care so much about him wearing jeans except that i always have to hem his jeans and that is a bitch of a chore. tarjay is a happy place. seriously. i got way to excited about this little throw rug that was on sale. it is bathmat size. turquoise. $2.48! how could i pass that up? so i didn't. and now it is a bathmat in my bathroom. forget the fact that the shower curtain is lilac. the walls are cream so turquoise and lilac match right? lol. there was another rug, about three times that size in black for $3.48. it's now laying on the boys floor covering up the high traffic area. score!

i am still reading the heartshaped box by joe hill (stephen king's son) but last night, because i have a hard time getting to sleep when the hubs isn't home, i started reading the sookie stackhouse books (the ones true blood are based on). i haven't really formed an opinion on them yet, other than so far the writing isn't as great as i thought it would be.


Anonymous said...

I read Heart shaped box a while ago,and even though it had the makings of a good story,it just wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be (he could've done a lot more with the concept of the ghost story).

As far as the Sookie Stackhouse series goes,I'm a huge fan and have read all 9 books.I think it's way better than the tv show (just like I think the Twilight series books are way better than the movies).It's not the most well-written literature out there,but it's hella entertaining and is really hot and heavy in places.

Hotch Potchery said...

Mr. P has to be out of town 1-2 nights a week anymore, and I am just getting to the point where I decide to do all the stuff I LIKE, that he tolerates when he is gone, so while he is home we do the stuff that WE LIKE, and then it doesn't seem so bad.

Like eat Kashi pizza and watch Grey's Anatomy!

Grey Ghost said...

Playing with his cleaver,is that what they call it. :)

Fragrant Liar said...

Yeah . . . No, I'm not falling for that cleaver routine. What's he REALLY playing with?

Sookie! (That was Vampire Bill, looking all serious and bloodthirsty and sexy.)

cheatymoon said...

My sister gave me all the Sookie Stackhouse books to try out. I'm half way thru the second one... and just can't keep up right now. Too busy w/ work and school. (School and school, ha).

Congrats on the leadership things... I always have hopes that my child will step into his own, because he can use his powers for good, but so far, he's keeping a low profile.

Have a fabulous weekend, CK. xo

nick said...

Yes. Many years ago, when I was much younger, I also would usually get up before dawn. But then Dawn, my girlfriend at the time, did like to sleep in.

Surely said...

Hubs sounds like my brother-in-law. That's totally something he would do.

I'm not a Stephen King fan. Can we still be friends? (:-D I tend toward the Nora Roberts reading. Not quite the Harlequin Romances but still some good writing in there.