Tuesday, October 19, 2010

awesome read

i finished the memory keeper's daughter. you have to read it. if you haven't and you want to, let me know and i'll send it to you. i am still soaking it in.

reading a good book is a lot like having sex. you get so caught up in it....you're in another dimension...on another planet. nothing else matters. you don't hear anything else. you don't think of anything else. you are completely absorbed in it. unlike sex i don't normally finish a book in one session. when you have to stop it is almost painful. you long to get back to it, though you know the more time you invest in it the closer you come to the ending and the parting. when you finish it is like you are emerging from a daze or waking up from a coma. you linger in the afterglow.

please read the memory keeper's daughter. you will not be sorry.

briefly--it is about a couple, a doctor and his wife. his wife goes into labor in the middle of a snowstorm in 1964. he delivers his son, with the aid of his nurse, in his office. unexpectedly there are twins, a boy and a girl. the girl has down's syndrome. he tells the nurse to take the baby girl to a "home" and tells his wife the baby girl died. the story that unfolds is tragic and sad and wonderful and full of heart.


cheatymoon said...

Hey - did I send you my copy of it? I'm not sure I remember finishing it. I know I read it, or at least most of it. Wish I could go back to eating books... cheating by even having blogger tab open on my 'puter right now since it's time for HOMEWORK.

Annabelle said...

So very, very good.

Since that is a novel I love, I will go out on a limb and suggest one back to you.

Bel Canto
Anne Pratchett

Amazingly amazing. Stuck in my head for years. When the details finally started to get fuzzy, I was able to re-read. Moved me just as much, and that's saying something.

Surely said...

I loved the movie...hello Dermot Mulroney!!!...I think I might have the book on the shelf somewhere.

I still haven't read Time Traveler's Wife. Maybe on our trip I will.