Friday, October 15, 2010

lucky numbers

it's friday and i'm filled with...exhilaration. an-ti-ci-pa---shun. i don't know why really. we have a busy weekend ahead--the girl has two soccer games and she has to help clean up a historic graveyard for community service (a requirement for the leadership program she's in at school). aside from the fact that we have to be there at 8:45 am, i'm thinking it might be a good photo-taking opportunity.

the hubs' caddy needed two back tires today. it was making a funny noise (he'd just driven it about 500 miles this week). we took it to the shop today and the dude said one of the back tires was about to explode. lucky for us that didn't happen earlier this week when he was out of town.

the hubs went in for the results of his blood work this morning. he goes every 3-4 months. the last time he was there the dr basically told him he was a walking time bomb and a stroke/heart attack death was right around the corner. today? excellent numbers. blood pressure, w/in normal range. weight, down about 30 lbs. sugar levels, down. bad cholesterol numbers, down. good cholesterol...this needs elevated. i need to do some research on how to increase good cholesterol numbers. the dr said drink a glass of wine a night. well, we have plenty of wine in this house, despite the fact that neither one of us really likes wine. overall it was a most excellent report and he will live to fight another day : )

about 27 years ago we went on our first "official" date. it was to a fall carnival at my high school. this weekend we're celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. celebrating is a big word...we won't be doing anything extraordinary, due to the lack of funds and the busy schedule, but, it's still amazing to think we've been together this long and i still love him. and still like him : )

i have applied for four promising jobs in the last few weeks. i've applied for way more than that, but these four are actually jobs i wouldn't mind having. i found one of them today and really almost peed my pants. the ad for the job (a copywriting position) was irreverent and the website for the company engaging and the culture sounds so relaxed and creative. i need to work there. i went out on a limb and sent them my resume (i have no agency experience, which was one thing they were looking for) with an irreverent cover letter.

i told myself i would not do this, but i'm like my kids, i don't listen to me....i had two phone interviews yesterday. i wasn't going to say anything for fear of jinxing anything. one went very well, it was impromptu. the other was planned and the hr woman sounded quite harried and ready for the day to be over. she didn't sound very happy. quite a contrast to the impromptu interview i had a few hours before. that hr lady was excited and vivacious and in a great mood.

i've told you how great the hubs is doing w/ his weight loss and exercise. he's committed. i am...lazy. i walk with him on the weekends...when we can walk before it gets dark. i'm watching what i eat. that's been the extent of my effort. last night i decided i needed to step up my game. i rode the stationary bike for three songs (and the damn abba cd was skipping so maybe it could count for four?). i thought my legs were going to burn off. if only it were that easy. then i rowed the rowing machine. i think it was for 50 reps. i don't know. it wasn't long. but, my arms hurt so i guess it was working.


drollgirl said...

this is such good news about your husband! right on! and good that you are stepping it up too!

i am trying harder. i have many doctor appointments i need to go to (THE HORROR), and trying to do better. bleh. it isn't easy, but loser close and weighing a LITTLE bit less is always a plus!

have a fab weekend!

and best of luck with these jobs!!!!

cheatymoon said...

I'm trying to get my head around being fit... or fitter. I walk sometimes, I ride the exercise bike sometimes... Other half is turning 50 soon and he's in really great shape. If we were hiking (we're not at all this fall), he'd be half way up the hill and I would be stopping every 2 minutes. Ack.

Congrats to your and your hub for the anniversary. Congrats to him for his weight loss and good numbers!!

Surely said...

Yea! Hubs!!!

Do you guys take Omega 3? (fish oil) It's totally worth it. I find it cheapest at Target.

Any news on the job front? I've been looking around here but there's not much so I'm just keeping my head down.

Kev & I passed the 20 year mark in October. It feels weird to say that.