Tuesday, October 19, 2010


i miss the days when my kids got confused over words and ended up mispronouncing or slaughtering a word or not understanding the concept.

when the boy was in kindergarten they had a makeup day at the end of the year because of a snow day that winter. when i explained they had to go to school because it was a makeup day he just looked at me oddly. then he innocently asked, "you mean i have to wear makeup to school today?" priceless.

the hubs still makes fun of the fact that i taught the kids at an early age the anatomically correct names for their body parts. i got tired of hearing i hurt my butt or i scratched my butt which meant anything below the waistline. they knew early on the proper terms. one day we were riding in the car and for some random reason the boy (who was probably 5-6) said something about a fudge-ina. the girl, in her more mature 8-9 year old wisdom said, hey stupid its va va va gina not fudge-ina; you don't eat it. i thought the hubs was going to drive off the road.

when the girl was a toddler and learning to say the pledge of allegiance she said...and to the republic for richard stands (instead of and to the republic for which it stands). she also said the first president was george watlington.

flash forward six years. driving home from the girl's orchestra performance tonight the term cop a feel came up. the poor boy. despite the fact he has the hubs and girl spilling forth their potty mouth knowledge on a daily basis, he doesn't quite get it all yet. she said cop a feel. he said what's that. what's copperfield? no stupid, cop a feel, and she grabbed his chest. he said oh no i've been copperfield!

tonight the reality of how fast time is flying by slapped me in the face. this was the last fall performance the girl will have in middle school. as we were standing in the hall afterwards, waiting for her to come out, the boy was leaning against the wall. this will be his school next year. he will be in this school...in sixth grade. middle school. she will be in high school. it just doesn't seem possible.

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Surely said...

I am so going to use that in the future!