Tuesday, October 26, 2010

irritated and itchy

i am skeptical of people who are always disgustingly cheerful on fb. i find them insincere. i am friends w/ a former work associate that i barely know. admittedly i accepted her friend request for purely selfish and heinous reasons; i thought she might help me network and find a job. alas, i just couldn't fake it so she's just one of those friends on my page who's not really a friend. she amasses friends on fb and twitter like her life depended on it, though it is all part of her plan to build herself as a brand as it were. something she's actually succeeding at. but, whenever i read her status updates i always wonder....what is she REALLY thinking? what is she REALLY like, because seriously, she cannot enjoy everything as much as she's saying she does. nobody can be that positive and "on" as much as she is.

likewise i am disgusted by people who always bitch on fb. i don't understand it. i have a cousin who posts all kinds of semi-cryptic messages about how fucked up her life is and then five minutes later she's posting about how much she loves her kids and husband. i stopped commenting on any of her status updates because i just really do not give a fuck. the hubs' nephew (a senior in high school) also does this, but i feel sad for him instead of the contempt i feel towards my cousin. contempt is a strong word--i just feel like telling my cousin, put on your big girl panties and grow the fuck up. you're 30 fucking years old, on your second marriage, raising two small kids and all you do is bitch and moan. the nephew, a totally different story. i think he's had a rough childhood (so i can relate to him) and while i'm quite positive he's not the model child or student, he's still a kid and i think a lot of his problems come from bad parenting.

i think i might have inadvertently stuck my foot in something on fb. my cousin, the younger one who just got married last month, announced on fb that they're having a baby boy. so, it was supposed to be a big secret she got pregnant shortly before they got married, but i don't think it really was. it just wasn't talked about. so...the cuz is flashing fetus pics online, excited he's having a boy...and then i'm all like...so, when's the baby due. if fb were real you could have heard crickets chirping. in my defense, when someone announces they're having a baby and they've found out the gender it's logical to ask when it will be born. i honestly didn't even think about the timeline (nor, frankly, do i care). i really don't think anyone cares (except maybe the grandparents?) that she was pregnant before they got married. something like that isn't really taboo any more is it?

we had the boy and the nephew's joint bday party this weekend. it's the first time my parents have been here since...probably the girl's birthday party in january. it was as if nothing had ever happened i suppose. i am cordial with them. other than that....i really don't have a lot of feelings there. after the party the hubs told me about a conversation he'd had w/ my sister. she said that her daughter (my oldest niece) had bug bites on her and had been itching; that she only got them when she was in her bedroom. holy hell. of course i'm now freaking the hell out thinking they may have brought those creepy crawly bed insects into my house. srsly? it is not confirmed that she has them; but, if she does....how easy is it for them to hitch a ride on my sister and her family and then jump onto my sofa???????


Anonymous said...

I don't have a lot of people friended on facebook,but among the few I have,there's 2 that seriously sound like they might commit suicide at any moment and at least 5 that have the most sickly sweet status updates,probably designed to make people envy their lives,but that basically only make me want to puke.

I mean I love my boyfriend and everything,but I don't understand new couples freaking out on fb about their new loves.Keep that shiz under wraps,cos next week you might be broken up again!lol

Ok,I sound quite bitter,but it really irritates me.

PS.know what else irritates me?Women announcing their pregnant...with their 3rd kid...and their like 3 years younger than me (I'm 27).That makes me feel really old.I only have cats :(

cheatymoon said...

Facebook oversharing bugs me. Sometimes I am cryptic, but it usually is in a passive aggressive way toward my child. Ha.

Ack for bug bites. No way.

Surely said...

Facebook is such a weird place. I think we really see a different side of people on there. I recently friended an old coworker and she is One of Those. Gah, where's the mute button!!

Bug bites. I won't even go there. (:-D