Saturday, October 2, 2010

how to turn your garage into a gym

first you have to park your cars in the driveway. despite the fact that one of the things the hubs loved about this house was the two-car garage, there have rarely been cars in it since we moved in 8 yrs ago. sometimes there has been so much shit in there we couldn't get a skateboard in, let alone two cars, but for about a year (this time) we've had the space to park the cars inside and just haven't. doesn't seem to be as big of an issue except in winter.

when the hubs started his lifestyle change a little more than a month ago, he used his birthday money to by some free weights and a jump rope. the karate instructor gave him some extra floor mats for padding the concrete floor. his routine so far has been walking about a mile and a half every night and lifting weights every other night and karate twice a week.

we have been searching for some free/cheap workout equipment. the hubs fell in love w/ an elliptical on qvc, but seriously, spending $400+ just isn't in the budget, even if it is only 5 easy payments of $85 (although we did use that easy pay deal to get a new vacuum since mine is near death. actually, i think it is a zombie vacuum, but it's ok because my new ORECK came yesterday. omg. i've never, ever had a REAL vacuum cleaner.) after working out at the hotel gym last weekend he decided a bike might be an acceptable substitution.

earlier this week i scoped out our local goodwill. two decrepit looking bikes, a big ass treadmill (too expensive) and a third bike (and these are all stationary btw) that looked like it was made w/in the last 5 years and was an option. it of course was gone hours later when the hubs went to look at it. today we scoped out a thrift store, another goodwill and a second thrift store and ....score! we got a rowing machine AND a stationary bike for $50!

don't get me wrong--i do like the walking we've been doing. however, i don't like walking in the dark (which is what the hubs has been doing, alone, this week) and i don't like walking in the rain (which he also did this week), so the equipment gives us something to do other than walking. plus, i think rowing/riding a bike burn more calories than walking.


cheatymoon said...

great score!!

Hotch Potchery said...

That's great!!!

The other stuff does burn a bit more---I think Sparkpeople gives some numbers.

Grey Ghost said...

Joyce and I tried one of those bikes,didnt seem to get anywhere though,so we went back to sex.Dont know if it made us fitter,but it was more fun. :)

Surely said...

Grey Ghost For The Win!!!

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