Tuesday, August 3, 2010

screaming in my head

omfg. this morning i am working on some freelance jobs. i have told my children i am working on some WORK. i have done this before. you would think a 13 yr old and a 10 yr old would realize that when someone looks intense and is typing and working that they would keep their distance.

but nooooooooo. i am sitting w/ my laptop at the kitchen table. the girl has the hubs' laptop right beside me and every five minutes she says, hey, listen to this. OMG really??? the boy keeps asking what we are going to do today. uh, hello. i am WORKING. i am doing something to make money. leave me alone for just a bit please!

kids up your ass is not conducive to working. also, trying to quit smoking is not conducive to writing. holy hell. i didn't have one cigarette yesterday. not one. i just had one 30 minutes ago.

there are other things going on, but i'm not in the best blogging frame of mind right now. the luau we had saturday went really well, at least i think so. i think people had fun. it had rained and was overcast all day but it quit raining long enough in the evening/night for the hubs to light his beloved tiki torches and for us to hang out outside a little. the kids swam. adult beverages were consumed. my kitchen floor was stickier than fly paper the next morning. soooo gross. i assume it was from the spilled adult beverages.


cheatymoon said...

Perhaps you could use an adult beverage right now. I know I could.

Penny said...

My kid is only 3 (he'll be four in less than two weeks) and I'm constantly surpised at how much of my attention he wants! It is non stop and I can't even imagine trying to work from home with him there! Teddy attemps it from time to time and needless to say not much gets done!

Anonymous said...

The floor is for sure sticky from adult beverages. Every shot that was poured lost a little bit when being passed to the lucky receiver.

Plus, the dogs were in and out, along with the kids.

Had fun! It was good to see you guys!

Sweet T

Kristin.... said...

Your luau sounds great! Sticky floors are always a good sign of a good party!

I can't do ANYTHING on the computer unless the kids are fully occupied or sleeping. It's insanity!

The Mayor said...

My husband works at home when he's not traveling. He's home a lot more this year and it's driving me crazy!

No matter if I'm writing or doing a physical project, if I'm there he finds a ton of things he needs me to do.

It worse than kid interruptions, I mean you are an adult fella...can't you see I'm into something. I feel like I need to hide in my own home.

drollgirl said...

argh! that must drive you bonkers when you are trying to concentrate!

i work in an open space at a gallery. whenever stupid clients and stupid vendors come in, they want to chat all the live long day, even though it would be obvious to a MONKEY that i am busy typing and working and trying my best to ignore them. annoying!