Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my sweet love

the person who has probably made the most difference in my life was born 45 years ago today. odd, though i always knew we'd spend our lives together (yes, even when we weren't officially dating i knew he'd be part of my life) and that we'd grow old together, i didn't actually picture us as old. not that 45 is old of course. i'm too close to that age myself to consider it old.

we met about a month before he turned 18 and i turned 15. 27 years we've known each other. he is the most complex person i've ever known, though if you just casually know him you might not suspect that. he was the typical "rebel/bad boy" when i met him and he's held on to that attitude. he's cocky. he's a smart ass. he is smart in ways that i'm still discovering. despite his rough, fuck you exterior, he is one of the most caring, tender people i know. i think he surprised us both with his parenting abilities. i assumed i'd be the better parent since i'd been around kids/babies all my life, but, turns out he is much better at it.

he is very analytical, and while sometimes that drives me nuts, it's part of who he is. he has his quirks, and i love him all the more for them. he is not perfect, i know that, but then again, who is? his hair is not the deep auburn it was when i met him (it is now salt & pepper and still sexy). there are a few more lines on his forehead, but honestly, he had worry lines on his forehead even at 18. he still carries himself w/ that bad boy swagger and there are moments when he and the boy are walking side-by-side, totally unaware that they are near mirror images of each other.

happy birthday to my best friend. i love you.


Fragrant Liar said...

Happy birthday to your fine man. I love that you have been able to keep it together as a couple. So rare and precious these days.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the Hubs!

Sweet T

only a movie said...

I love this. Echoing what FL said - long lived couplehood is so rare.

And 45 is not old. :-)

Spanx said...

Happy Birthday to the Hubs! I'm sure if the "sainted" Ronald Reagan were alive, he would send speedy b-day wishes also :p (I just can't EVER resist!!)

Surely said...

Awww, lovely post! happy birthday to the hubs!!!

Just B said...

Lovely post! You can tell from all of your posts actually that you two have something very special and very rare in this world. happy birthday to your guy!