Thursday, August 26, 2010


the girl had an interesting homework assignment tonight. name 16 big events in your life. it was interesting to read her list. it included her infant illness, getting her first cat, moving from the trailer to the house, getting rid of that cat and getting the cat she has now, getting her first phone, the death of her grandma and more. it was so insightful to see what she considered important.

i could zip through 16 big events in my life in a heartbeat, but i really want to give this list some thought before i share it with you.

a little while ago someone i've come to think of as a kindred spirit in many ways had a contest on her blog and i wpn a a box of incredible treasures. only's contest was about paying it forward, so i'm paying it forward with a contest of my own. your homework? list 16 big events in your life (either in a comment here or on your blog). next thursday, sept. 2 i will pick a winner and send you a box of treasures. the treasures inside will depend on the winner. my treasure box included some very cool penguin items, among other things. what does it take to win? i won't know until i see the lists. maybe it will be something on your list that makes me lol or touches me deeply or stuns and amazes me. i don't know. with you now...go do your homework : )


cheatymoon said...

You're welcome!
1.Sleepover camp in 7th grade
2.Moving to Massachusetts
3.Singing a solo in high school
4.Getting first newspaper job
5.Moving to California
6.Moving to England
7.Child’s birth
8.Husband leaving
9.Moving out on my own
10.Single parenthood
11.Grad school
12.Going on blind date with other half
13.My friend gets cancer and dies 6 mos later
14.Moving to this state again
15.Job at my old school
16.Child with significant illness

Anonymous said...

1. Broke my collarbone when I was 8.
2. Graduated high school, valedictorian.
3. Nephew born.
4. Maternal Grandparents die within a month of each other my senior year of college.
5. Graduated college.
6. Went to Europe for two awesome weeks.
7. Broke off engagement after 4.5 months, after dating for 8 years.
8. Started first job out of school.
9. Niece born.
10. Bought a house on my own.
11. Got out of lousy long relationship.
12. Bought a car on my own.
13. Started new GOOD relationship, after a few lovely years of alone time with the cats.
14. Got married. ☺
15. Both of husband’s parents die, two days apart, less than two months after wedding.
16. Husband broke his femur and is still using a walker.

Notes: I had a great childhood, but nothing really big aside from breaking my collarbone stands out to me.

Somewhere between #10 and #11 I started going to a church I love, but that's been more of a gradual happening than a big event.

I know down the road that #16 won't be as big a deal, but it is right now!

Sweet T

B said... no particular order...

1. Winning a poster contest in kindergarten and getting it put up on a billboard along the highway

2. Moving from Nebraska to Indiana

3. My first homerun in a high school softball game

4. My first kiss

5. My first heartbreak

6. Getting my cat, Sass

7. My mom leaving for federal prison

8. My mom returning from federal prison

9. Getting into college

10. Getting into graduate school

11. Graduating with my undergrad and my mom missing it

12. My sister having a baby

13. Finding a "career" after college

14. Moving to Louisville, KY

15. Publishing my first book review

16. My 21st birthday--it was epic.

Surely said...

16? Hmmm....Must. To. Think....



Check the blog over the weekend. I swear I'll finish my homework before Monday Morning, I swear! I do too!


Spanx said...

Interesting assignment..Here it is:

1. Spending lovely amounts of time w/ my Gramps, who was deaf, signing the news to him before he died
2. Going to sleep away camp for the 1st time when I was 6
3. My sister having a baby
4. Being raped when I was 15
5. Attempting suicide when I was 15
6. Going to boarding school at 16
7. Parents divorcing
8. Moving to Pittsburgh
9. Getting married
10.Moving to Albuquerque
11.Moving to Orlando
12.My Mother dying
13.Getting sober
14.My Father dying
15.Moving to Winston Salem
16.Finding some peace & serenity

Note: I thought it would be difficult to come up w/ 16 but am seeing how many other big things have made an impression that didn't make the list :)

Pseudo said...

I haven't been around much while I get used to my new job, and look t all the action!

I'll try and see if I can get the 16 up (must think a bit).

Grey Ghost said...

Hi,I'm a new silver surfer so may I ask,are you able to read my blog?

creative kerfuffle said...

Good lists! Grey Ghost--actually, I can't see your blog : ( Your name doesn't link back to it.

Grey Ghost said...

Right,off we go.

1.Having to leave school at 15 and find a job.No college.
2.Being woken early one Sunday to be told,"your mums dead."
3.My ex wife had an ectopic pregnancy.We lost the baby and I almost lost her.
4.The first time I saw Joyce,she was sitting in a window seat,glowing in the evening sun.
5.Coming home from work to find that Margaret was leaving me.
6.The day Joyce and I realised that we loved each other,and had done for years.
7.Our first Christmas as lover's,I alone in a flat,she with her husband in Derby.
8.Our first weekend together,we hardly left the bedroom.It's not what you think,well not completely anyway.
9.Sidmouth folk festival.A week spent singing,dancing and loving.
10.Separate Table's.Joyce on stage,me washing the dirty plates from those table's.
11.An evening in Buxton.A fantastic concert followed by a wonderful supper.
12.Joyce and I gazing up into a star filled,blue black Cornis sky.
13.Minak.An open air theatre,cut out of Cornish rock.We saw the last performance of the season,then ran out of petrol on the way home.
14.Henry V at Stafford Castle.Hot,sunny rehearsals followed by a thunder storm on the first night.
15.The night Joyce died in my arms.
16.The Mini that chose me.The same model and colour as the one I bought Joyce for our first anniversary.The number plate has the initials of a club we belong to,the date she died and the question I've asked ever since.

Sorry its so long.

Grey Ghost said...

It may be what you need.