Sunday, April 11, 2010


spring is finally here. we have the pollen and the fluctuating weather to prove it. earlier this week it was 93 degrees and this weekend, 64 degrees. a thick green coat of pollen has covered everything all week, but this weekend was glorious. the weather was perfect, sunny, nice. i loved it all. things are starting to bloom in the yard, like this lilac. we have some along the side fence, it's actually in our neighbor's yard but it's obviously and old, established plant and it started migrating to our yard. we also have another lilac bush close to the house, near our bedroom window. these are a few of the bushes we inherited when we bought the house.
easter weekend my brother noticed an empty bird's nest sitting atop the electrical box on our house. i peeked inside, empty. the next day? mama bird was sitting on something....

get away from my nest!

the gate to our backyard is just to the left of this and she "yells" at us every time we go through it. granted, she picked the perch (not the best place for a nest mind you), but we try not to disturb her too much. i took a quick peek and there are lovely blue robin's eggs inside--i don't know how many.

the other night we had a hellacious storm, wind, lightening, torrential rain. i was worried she'd leave and the nest would be blown away, eggs ruined. but, she persevered. she sat on the nest all night (i peeked outside to see if she was still there). she's a tough cookie.

we've always had a bird's nest, another robin, on our front porch. we have a ranch house w/ columns out front and we never use our front door, we always come in through the garage. so the front porch really is a great nesting place. atop every column there is a nest, but i think all but one are decoys. when we had the house sided a couple of years ago the hubs asked about cleaning them down, but i didn't want to. i like having the nests around.

i love looking out each morning to see if the mama's on the nest or if she's off eating or something. i can't wait to hear the babies chirping. i have no idea how long it takes for robin's eggs to hatch, but she's been on the nest for a week now.


cheatymoon said...

Love the nests... We are just starting to get pollen. Boy and I are allergic. Ack.

Gal Friday said...

That was some poetic creative "kerfuffily" stuff(that's too bad about the arthritis, tho..!).
We have had plans for some to visit Boston next Tuesday(my kid is on Spring vacation that week)and she really wants to go to the Aquarium..again! And I really don't mind. Sort of like you with the zoo.(I'll try to get pics of the....penguins ! for you)

Not Your Aunt B said...

Love the nests!