Sunday, April 25, 2010

effing rainbows and unicorn farts

i was chatting w/ ms. antoinette this evening about how i've had a lot of downer posts lately and we both agreed that it's my blog and if someone wanted fucking rainbows and unicorn farts they could go elsewhere. those are her great words, not mine. so i told her i had to do a post w/ that as the title and here it is. buckle up for a plethora of randomosity.

we watched the lovely bones friday night. i read the book a few years ago and though it was a distressing story, it was a good read. the movie was....horrible. simply horrible. although stanley tucci was very good. actually, all of the actors were good but the sucked. blech.

i do not understand why i am always amazed at how good i feel after sex. omg. seriously. i understand that it's the release of endorphins that spike that happy meter up to a bazillion and you feel like you could shoot stars out of your finger tips and linger in a bowl of chocolate but it really, really does make me feel better.

the hubs got me a rod cd for easter. granted, i have several rod cds and cassettes, but this one has just about every one of my favorite songs on it from every decade. i blasted that up loud while cooking dinner tonight and sang along with rod. picture, standing in my kitchen using an empty paper towel roll as a microphone belting out you're in my heart, you're in my soul.

we are lucky in that we have several parks in our town. as our kids have gotten older we have moved around from park to park. when they were toddlers we went to one park. it's in the center of town, smallish, big field, swings, a merry go round and a jungle gym w/ slide. perfect for wee little ones. when they out grew that one we migrated to one closer to our house. there are woods w/ a creek running through it, paths to walk on and some playground equipment. there are also tennis/basketball courts and a skateboarding area and a dog park. we still go there some, but they rarely play on the equipment any more. today we explored another park, one we've only been to once before. it has some playground equipment, but it's biggest draw is a lake. you can fish. you can rent row boats or paddle boats. you can picnic. there are hiking trails. today we ventured out on the lake in paddle boats. you know what? it was the hubs' first time in a paddle boat! i've known this man for decades and did not realize he's never been in a paddle boat.

the mama bird's eggs hatched last weekend and now we have been watching her and the daddy bird gathering food and feeding those little babies all day long. they spend a lot of time flying away looking for food and then back. one leaves the nest and the other brings back food. then he's off and she's back with food. you can see the babies beaks open wide, waiting for food. it's so amazing.

yesterday the girl and i babysat my baby niece. she blows me away. i think the reason i have such a soft spot in my heart for her is not only because of all my nieces/nephews, she's the one that i've been close to from day one but also because i look at her and am transported back in time 11 years to when the girl was two. though they don't really look alike, the blonde pig tails and sassy attitude are the same. hearing her giggle and squeal makes me happy. hearing her call me ceesa melts my heart. and even when she gets mad, and tells you she's cracks me up.

the hubs and i have been watching west wing again. we are on season three. we have probably watched this series (all seven seasons) half a dozen times or more and yet i still love it. about once a year we watch it all the way through, a couple episodes a night after the kids go to bed. i still laugh, i still cry. the writing is brilliant. the acting...superb. i know it's fiction but it makes me want politics to be like it is on the show. it makes me feel good. is there any tv series you've felt so strongly about?


cheatymoon said...

I may steal this title. I think I will watch West Wing this summer. (After I've shipped my child off to NYC for the summer. Oh yes, it's happening).

I'm glad you got a new Rod cd. I just bought new headphones for my iPod. Makes a difference - especially when wanting to block out the rest of the world... ack.

drollgirl said...

first off, that is a helluva title! love it!

and thanks for the warning about the lovely bones. i'll skip the movie. the book was PLENTY, and there is no way the movie could come close. plus i bawled my ass off when reading the book, and maybe that was enough.

the parks you have sound amazing. a paddle boat?!?!? fishing?!?!? we have some good parks out here, but i can't think of ANY that you can fish at! that is wild!

Not Your Aunt B said...

endorphins rock! did you know that medicare limits viagra to 9 pills a month? i was told that and was in shock- i am all for if you have a willing partner with no risk to disease or abuse, go for it! i will give you samples. i like happy patients.

Not Your Aunt B said...
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