Friday, April 23, 2010

these things make me happy

recently a friend of mine wrote a post about things that make her happy and i loved it. five years ago (yes, holy hell i've been blogging for five years!) i shared my good things list and, while all of those things are still good in my book, i thought i'd do a little updating, photo-style.

this camera makes me happy in that it allows me to capture moments of our lives and hoard them away for future enjoyment. i love chronicling the progress of the things we plant in our yard, the different trips or outings we go on, the ways my kids change with each year. i'd be lost without a camera.

these three people are the most important things in my life. the time we spend together, whether it's at the beach or any place else, are what make my life complete. the fact that that guy there is such a kick ass dad? i never realized just how lucky i was to snag him.

no, i do not like bugs, but i took this picture last summer when we went camping with my brother and sister-in-law and gameboy (my nephew). i like camping and i like camping with them.

i like this man's hands (the hubs) and what he can do with them : ) aside from the obvious sexual pleasures he so wonderfully bestows, these hands are great bakers, karate belt tyers, homework helpers, gardeners, caressers, petters and more.

ah, this man. his voice melts me. the songs he sings (the old ones) touch my heart and soul. and in this particular picture, taken a couple of years ago, i do believe is the moment of the concert he looked right at me.

this little bossy butt here (my baby niece) makes my heart sing. her gestures, her attitude. i love all of my nieces and nephews dearly, but this little girl kills me.

i don't wear sunglasses in real life (cos i wear glasses and have never had a pair of prescription sunglasses) but this is a shot from our mother/daughter beach trip. i hope we have more in the future. it was priceless.

this is my fave restaurant--a german place at the beach. the hubs and i found it on our honeymoon and we go back every time we can. we met in germany and love german food and it was our honeymoon and...well, it's just special.

it makes me happy that these two boys (the boy and gameboy, my nephew) are so close. i cannot wait to see them grow up and i hope they remain great friends. oh, and this is at the zoo and i love me some zoo trips.

pedicures--i love them. this is last year's. nice flip flop tan line going on. i haven't had one yet this year, but i will. they are awesomesause. last year was the first time i'd ever had one.

we have a fire pit in the backyard. when we moved in this house almost 8 years ago i thought the hubs had lost his friggin' mind when he started randomly (in my mind) digging a hole. i have to admit, we've used it often. we burn leaves and brush but more importantly we roast marshmallows and sit around it telling stories or just staring at the fire. and those two kids will grow up w/ memories of that and THAT makes me happy too.

being that i've been overweight all my life (sometimes more so than others) i can't really say that i look at my body and go huh, i like it. however, i do like my eyes. i think they're a pretty color. the hubs says they sometimes twinkle. (i also like my hair most of the time.)

penguins and chocolate...two of my faves : )

i love this shot of the boy in karate. he is so determined, so passionate about it. i love that about him.

i love the rain, especially at night.


Not Your Aunt B said...

Love it! I want a nice camera- everyone takes such awesome shots. And I wish we could have a fire pit- I think we can have one of those metal ones you can buy. Hooray for sunglasses, mother/daughter trips, husbands, pedicures, chocolates, German food, the zoo, the beach, the rain. I do so want a little boy too. And your eyes are beautiful! Mine are brown. Boring.

cheatymoon said...

So much of this list is familiar to me.
Pretty eyes!
I have the over-the-glasses senior citizen sunglasses for over my glasses. Got 'em at wallyworld (ack) of all places. Pretty stylin'. Ha.


Surely said...

I triple love this post! I wish I had the attention span to do a picture one too.

Funny, I imagined you with dark hair. I love your hair! And your eyes!!

*Happy Hand Clap* for all your favorite things!