Tuesday, April 27, 2010

mae west had it right

you've probably seen that quote, "if you don't have anything nice to say, come sit next to me." it's attributed to mae west.

have a seat, i feel like being snarky.

i've been blogging for five years. i have never achieved big blog status, i.e. lots of followers, lots of commenters, etc., which is good since i say a lot of really private stuff here. earlier on i had different commenters, different blog friends and then for different reasons i quit reading some here and there, they quit reading me, we drifted a part. from time to time i see their comments on other blogs i read and i sometimes pop in to see what those blogs i no longer read are like.

some are sell out blogs. do you know what i mean? like they gave up their heart to write shiny happy mom stuff ala other big famous blogs. are you catching my drift? yes, judgemental of me. it's their blog, their life, etc. i just feel like it's selling out. can things really be that good all the time? i am suspicious of people who are always happy or always upbeat. it's like couples who say they never argue. really? i had a friend who used to say that. guess what? she's divorced.

i'm not saying i won't start a blog (because of been tossing this around in my brain for a while now) where i'm not anon and where i do write shiny happy things and i do try to make money from it, but i think that's different than starting a blog and changing it into that and not being yourself. plus--they're all the same. it's always the same stuff. maybe their location or number of kids is different, but otherwise, it's vanilla.

also--what's up w/ people taking their blogs private? people who you might have read and even shared comments w/ and/or emails w/ and then they take their blog private and don't ask you to come along? hmmm. was it something i said? i shower. i use deodorant. wtf?

and facebook. sweet baby jesus facebook makes me shake my head sometimes. not in the way my sil and hubs shake their heads (over my mom's comments that i cannot see) but in the way people try to be all super spy secret agent w/ their status updates. really? if it's a fucking secret then don't put it on facebook dork. if you don't want people to ask you questions about your post then don't post it dork.

and why do people friend you and then never comment on your stuff, never send you a message, etc? i don't get that. i have a few friends like that, some from high school, some from college. they friended me and then never, ever say a word to me. weird. and THEN i have there are the friends i have who i assume are still my friends who never comment or say anything to me. i comment on their stuff. i write on their walls. and nothing. i shouldn't care really. since losing my job i've really turned into quite the hermit. though hermit is an ugly word. i am a homebody. i like being at home (and i don't have a ton of disposable income).

ok, i'm starting to sound like a whiny bitch but really i'm not. i am just sharing some observations. i'm really quite content with life right now. granted, getting a job would be good. well, having an income would be good, i don't really relish the idea of starting another career.


drollgirl said...

oh the blogging world is so weird, and so fickle.

i have had many a blog go private, and not invite me along for the ride. weird. either they got super uptight, they had a scary experience, or it is like some sort of high school clique thing. whatever. their are 14 scrillion blogs out there, and plenty to read, so i try not to take it TOOOOOOOOOOOOO personally.

and facebook. god, it makes me want to shoot myself in the face. so i don't go there anymore. i kind of think/hope it is on its way out, but then it will just be replaced with something else....possibly something even more obnoxious!

har! word verification is RANTI. hahahah

cheatymoon said...

As you know I have a private blog... but it sort of used up its usefulness. I share your frustrations with some of the vanilla out there. People are just silly. Worried more about what others think of them than keeping their eyes on the prize... Silly.
I just keep mine for me. It's always about writing it down for my old self to remember it. Meeting really cool people like you is icing on the cake.

FB cracks me up. I love checking my son's page. Which is what I'm going to do... right now.

Surely said...

I get disappointed when blogs "themes" change, mostly it all hinges on Teh Baby and while I can respect that a baby changes everything, it's not why I started reading in the first place.

I only saw one blog that I read sporadically go private and my immediate reaction was "Wah?" It does feel a little "Mean Girls"

Funny you mention FB because I was just mentally drafting a post...stay tuned.

Oh, and my blog pet peeve? all the awards and links and pictures and such. Argh, the ADD doesn't like it. Make it stop!

justsomethoughts... said...

totally loved this post.
you got it right.
tons of crap out there
i wouldn't read a shiny happy blog if you paid me.
well, to be totally honest, i guess it would depend on how much you paid me.
but they are a pain in the ass

did i mention that i liked this post ?

The Mayor said...

You've given me some food for thought.I really enjoyed writing about funny stuff. Now, I'm struggling with what to write because I've been bummed out, anxious and indecisive lately. I hate those last qualities...but my goal when I started was to "keep it real".

I don't even believe those blogs that are shiny and happy ALL THE TIME. That can't be real!

Hotch Potchery said...

Yeah, my blog hasn't gone private, it has just gone quiet. I have no energy to put into it for the most part, and it makes me feel bad because I have gone to reading on my phone and my phone is kind of a dick about commenting....

Shiny, happy makes me want to stab myself in the eye.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I'm with HP. It's just all too much. And I can't do shiny happy right now.