Monday, April 12, 2010


....i has it.

lately it seems the posts have been about sickness and stress and parental shit but, all that aside i'm happy.

maybe it's because spring is here and this guy over there sings all the time.
maybe it's because the girl went to school for the first time in weeks and actually seems...dare i say it...healthy, again. when she got home from school i told her i missed her today and she actually said, me too. and i think maybe she did : )
maybe it's because even though the boy is struggling w/ this broken arm he really is such a trooper. i know it's frustrating and painful and uncomfortable, but he tries to do as much for himself as he can. and i think a small part of me sort of likes taking care of him again. when your kids get a certain age they're pretty much self sufficient. but now i have to wash his hair and help him put his shirt on. they're little things.
maybe it's because i get to go w/ the boy on his class field trip to the zoo this week. we went over spring break w/ the sil/bro and kids, but i'd forgotten how much i like the zoo. before a couple of weeks ago it had probably been several years since we'd been and that's a shame because it's only about an hour away. our nc zoo is said to be one of the best in the nation. if they ever get penguins i will be totally happy.
maybe it's because i cut some lilacs from the bushes and brought them inside and they smell amazing.
maybe it's because i have a kick ass husband. not to get all sappy and shit, but omg, really?
maybe it's because i had my ortho appt. today and i don't have to have my arm amputated. ok, of course that wasn't going to be one of the treatments. and honestly i wasn't overly worried about the visit, other than thinking i might have to get a cortisone shot and those hurt and freak me out. i admit i'm not too thrilled w/ the fact that i have arthritis, but i know that is treatable and that i'm not suffering w/ it like many people do. however, i guess i did expect immediate results and didn't get them. i will be taking an anti-inflammatory drug and a pain killer (hello vickie, my vicodin friend). oh, and next week i have a physical therapy appt. nice.
maybe it's because the weather has been so nice (not the 93 degrees of earlier last week) and we've planted flowers and bulbs and veggies. so far we have planted or are welcoming back from last year--strawberries, blackberries, tomatoes, corn, watermelon, cukes, carrots, lettuce, catnip (any idea on how you get this from plant to yummy cat treat?) and a peach and apple tree.
maybe it's because allison janney is guest starring on in plain sight and it gives me a nerdy, unusual sense of squealing glee that three characters from west wing are on a show together again and last week they alluded to their previous show and i almost peed my damn pants. i LOVE shit like that.
maybe it's because my baby niece is turning TWO this week. omg. i can't believe she's going to be two.
whatever the reason...i'll take it. thank you very much.


cheatymoon said...

Great post. Love to read happy things. :-)

The Mayor said...

I rejoice with you over your lilacs, I love them but we won't see them here for another month. I just wish they lasted longer.

I also was happy to see the return of In Plain Sight.

drollgirl said...

this is such a good post. so glad things are going well. sometimes spring, good weather, plants a growing, and good times just make life seem peachy. ENJOY! :)

Just B said...

This was a good way to start my day! Happiness is really simple...

Surely said...

Happy! Happy! Happy! I love the cardinal! We only have Blue Jays here.

I am allergic to lilacs so I'm super de-duper jealous that you have them everywhere.

I hear chocolate helps arthritis...hahahaha

Kristin.... said...

I like this post.
And I'm insanely jealous of your flowering trees and planting of veggies. We had a FROST warning the other night and have almost no leaves on trees yet. Sigh.

Pseudo said...

Great happy's. I'm smiling.