Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hump day bullets

* remember the job i didn't want? i am more convinced than ever that it's not the one for me. when i left that mtg they told me i'd hear from them that day or monday. monday i got an email from her saying she'd be "out of pocket" for a few days and would contact me thursday. (last thursday). i have still not heard from her. really? how unprofessional is that? good thing i wasn't really excited and wanting that job or anything.

*remember when i was whining about the story that got written w/out me? well, friday night one of my industry friends called me and told me that the retailer basically had to write his own story and he was none too happy about it. she built up my ego by telling me the magazine is for shit since i left and it just isn't the same. she's the same retailer that used to blog for the magazine and promptly quit to show her anger at my being laid off : ) of course life goes on but it is nice to know someone feels so strongly about it. i really am over it.

*sometimes i forget if i've posted something here or on fb so forgive me if you've heard this before. the girl has garnered great success in the last week. she's been invited to take the sat/act in 7th grade from a university. she also got first chair for viola in orchestra. i posted this on fb and so did she. day before yesterday my mom pulled her weekly/bi-weekly send out an email to see what's going on thing so i told her about the girl's accomplishments. less than an hour later one of my aunts posted a comment on the girl's fb page congratulating her and saying she got the news from her grandma. so, my mom didn't have time (and still hasn't mind you) to call her grand daughter to congratulate her, but she had time to email her contacts to tell them the news so she could keep up this facade of being a doting, in the know grandma. it flew all the fuck all over me.

i told the hubs about it. the hubs has been stewing over things concerning my mom/parents for awhile now. i did not tell him to ignite anything, just because i was pissed and needed to vent. i launched something though. he spent the evening crafting a very well written, well thought out email to my mom. in a nut shell his issue w/ her is that she acts (and has for years) as if she has two grandkids (my sister's kids) and not 6 (now 7 since sis had another baby). the favoritism is obvious to everyone. her excuse has always been that my sister was a single parent and needed the help, but the favoritism has continued since my sister's been married. my kids see it. they feel it. anyway---i'm sure this is going to start something in the family, but frankly i just don't care. i'm so very tired of my mom hiding behind her martyr shield and doling out excuses.


Pseudo said...

Oh. I like that the email came from her SIL. Hope you post the fallout.

Anonymous said...

Go Hubs! I can say that because I'm not involved. :) If it were my situation, I'd be afraid for anybody to say anything, I'm sure. Good luck!

Sweet T

cheatymoon said...

I love that your hubby is in your corner.

You should be proud of your daughter - no worries about posting it twice or a thousand times.


Hotch Potchery said...

What is VERY cool about her taking the test now is that puts her in the running for National Merit stuff!! Go Girl!

Gal Friday said...

Your emotional radar was so ON about the job--thank goodness you knew to be very leery of the place.
And it made me smile for ya, just reading about your friend's report about what has been going on at the mag since you left, AND about your talented, smart daughter! Too bad she doesn't get "normal" grandmotherly support from your mother, but then there is some weird stuff in every family, sad to say.

Antoinette Meaterson said...

Let me know if your husband snaps your mother in half, cuz your family definitely needs an intervention or something. Not that I should talk, my own is one monkey short of a three ring circus.

Astarte said...

Your husband ROCKS. Go, team Dad!

That job sounds like Bad News. Run!