Wednesday, September 16, 2009

much ado about nothing

here's a bit of randomness brought to you courtesy of ck's brain:

  • the hubs used to read the blog w/ some regularity and then i think he got bored and quit. last night he asked me about the tmi report and if i was fudging the numbers. i KNEW i would eventually get that question from him. when it comes to sex he has short term memory loss (i think this is the same for most guys). if it hasn't happened in the last 24 hours they think it has been months. i assured him that the numbers were correct.
  • the boy has started taking karate lessons. i think this will be great for him, but damn, add another expense to the budget. and, holy hell, he needs a CUP. i've never bought a cup. where do you find such things? he doesn't even like to wear underwear--how in the world will we get him to wear a cup?
  • last friday i went on a job interview, was excited, then not (see previous post on the letters). monday morning the woman emailed me, thanking me for coming in and telling me she's be "out of pocket" until the end of this week. strange. i'm not quite sure what to make of that at all.
  • my aunt and uncle who live in this vicinity are on an incredible road trip. they have basically retired (my aunt is in her early 50s and uncle in his mid 60s---but honestly they act about 10 yrs younger) and are travelling the country in their rv. it's amazing. i told her she should start a blog about her travels, but i'm sure she won't. they'll return around the first of november, stay through jan and then put their house on the market and move. possibly to arizona, or who knows where. part of me is jealous for their freedom and ability to live/enjoy life like they are, but, it is certainly something they've worked for and deserve.
  • the other day the boy and i were going somewhere and as we were getting in the car he turned to me and said thank you. i said, for what? he said, because you take care of the house and go to the grocery store while we're at school. yes, my cup runneth over at that.
  • the girl has decided she wants to try out for cheerleading. i cringe as i write that. not to offend any of you who were cheerleaders, but i've never had a good impression of them--based solely on my high school years and the drama queens who were cheerleaders. she says she's just doing this to humor one of her friends who doesn't want to try out alone, but last night she admitted that half of her would like to make the squad. granted, she's never cheered, seen cheerleaders in action or done anything remotely like this.
  • i watched 18 kids & counting and kloe & kourtney take miami last night. i've seen them both a few times and have to admit both shows intrigue me for different reasons. i used to watch jon & kate, but frankly kate's bitchiness and the fact that they were always getting free stuff turned me off of the show. w/ the 18 kids, there is a more positive vibe going on, whether that's real or not who knows. i cannot even begin to imagine that many children in the span of 25 yrs. i asked the hubs what he'd think if i told him we were expecting #19 and he said, hell, if you told me right now we were expecting #3 i'd puke. the k&k show just amazes me for its trashiness. i keep thinking, omg if those were my daughters how ashamed i'd be. but still, i watch it.


cheatymoon said...

Three things:
1. Right before I opened this in google reader (I am at work) (shh), I was talking to a co-worker about how great it was when my son took karate.
2. Last night at dinner I shamefully admitted to my son that I tried out for cheerleading in H.S. For the same reason your girl is trying out...
3. Apparently, I am still a freak w/ the synchronicity.

Great post.

Pandora said...

It is a dream of mine to do a road trip in some kind of RV,just to get out there and see as much as there is for me to see.That's what I sit and daydream about when I'm totally bored.Maybe some day...

Gal Friday said...

I have always wanted to do a long road trip, too. Too bad your aunt(or uncle) are not the type to seriously blogging about it.

And how sweet your son it, to thank you like that--you have raised a good kid!

Astarte said...

Hey! Between my two, AndreAnna's daughter, and your boy, we could almost start a karate studio!!!! :)