Tuesday, September 8, 2009

hope, a baby, sex and wings

through the grapevine i heard about a job possibility and today i emailed the company. it is a pr company i've worked w/ in the past through various jobs so i know the ceo. i emailed her today and sometime this week she wants me to come in and talk w/ her about a job : ) i am trying, desperately not to get my hopes up, but i can't help it. i'm crossing my fingers.

the girl heard the president's speech today and was less than impressed. she said it took him 18 minutes to basically tell them they weren't going to be famous, the president, a nobel prize winner or a rap star so stay in school. the girl said, thanks for crushing our dreams.

tomorrow my sister is going in for a c-section to deliver my newest nephew. despite the fact that she's not my favorite person i can't help being excited. a BABY : )

the hubs came home early today and while the kids were watching wizards of waverly place we locked the bedroom door. whew. sometimes you just have to steal those moments.

since i've been laid off we have cut back considerable on going out to eat. tonight we're going out for wings. yum.

hotch potchery was kind enough to send me "my sister's keeper." i started it saturday morning and finished it sunday night. it was an amazing story. really amazing. i know they made a movie about it too but i don't think i want to see it, even on dvd. if you haven't read it and would like to email me your address and i'll pass it along. great, great read!


cheatymoon said...

Whoo hooo on locking the door, and the possible job...

Sherendipity said...

Ooooh...can I have the book next???
I promise to pass it on to one of my readers!!

Sherendipity said...

Oaky, that was rude. Sorry about that, but I got excited.
Only if Hotch doesn't mind, of course.

Also, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and the new job. Although, lately with my luck, you probably don't want me rooting for you.

Hotch Potchery said...

DAMN IT, now I wish I had written a note inside it, then CK could, then Sherendipity and on and on.

I am loving the pay it forward idea...I hope I read another book I need to pass on soon!

Pandora said...

I really hope that things with the potential job pans out.You deserve it!

You and your hubs are an inspiration to all people in long-term relationships/marriages.You make things work,no matter how tough life is.

I would love to read the book,but am a bit far.I think your postage costs would be quite a lot :(

Penny said...

I am really hoping your job interview goes really well! It gives me hope for the both of us!

I can't read that lady's (Jodi Picoult) books anymore because someone ALWAYS dies. SPOLIER ALERT...oh hmm I guess I'm supposed to say that before I give stuff away.

I love wings...the hotter the better!

(thank you so much for the comments on my whiny posts, it really helps to know someone has been there, and that they get it)

Astarte said...

Ooh, I liked MSKeeper. I thought it was the best one of all her books that I've read.