Sunday, September 27, 2009

the boys came to call

a couple of hours ago the boy came out to the backyard where the hubs, the girl and i were working on laying brick chips around the pool. he said there were people at the door.

i went to the door and found two of the girl's classmates. two boys. they were out riding their bikes and stopped in to see her.

i will pause to let this sink it. the hubs has not quite yet recovered from this. boys. at our door. to visit OUR BABY. she is just 12! they stayed for all of five minutes. one of the boys is moving into our neighborhood. he seems like a nice kid, he's smart and cute. i observed him last year on the field trip to space camp and he was very well behaved. she could do worse : )

after they left she and i were in the kitchen. she couldn't quit grinning. i couldn't quit grinning--i think i was still in shock. she was excited, though she said one of them has a girl friend.

a little while later the girl got a text and they wanted her to go bike riding w/ them. and she did. holy hell. my baby is bike riding w/ boys. she came back, winded, boys ride bikes faster than she does apparently. oy vey. i don't know how ready i am for this stage of life--i know the hubs isn't. he told the girl he had two shovels and room in the backyard for two bodies : )


cheatymoon said...

You know how I feel about teenagers. Ha. I know you are having a more fun experience than I am!!

Yay, Girl! Pretty cool.

drollgirl said...

oh god. this is so exciting to me as an outsider, but i imagine it is a little anxiety-inducing (or a lot!!!) for parents. oh, i know you have brought her up well, and that you will keep an eye on those boys. not all boys are bad (as i was raised to believe). there are some good and respectful and respectable guys out there. and i bet your girl has a good head on her shoulders and will be just fine. :)

Kristin.... said...

Oh boy, this is what I have to look forward to!?!?!? :)

I remember gaggles of girls coming to visit my brother when he was in high school. Literally gaggles. Geez.

Gal Friday said...

Oy Vey, is right! This IS scary territory we are entering, isn't it?

the Mayor said...

You poor thing, it has only just begun. Enjoy these innocent encounters because one day you'll look up from your computer and see a full fledged teenager with boobs, lipstick and then the fun will begin.

Astarte said...

Whoa!!! Josie had two boys come to the door looking for her the other day, too!!!! However, she was NOT thrilled. She's not there yet at all, thankyougod. I can't believe that she went bike riding with them and everything!!! WOW!