Friday, February 6, 2009

psst.....IT'S FRIDAY

ok, i'm sure you already knew this, but i am so happy for it to be friday. although, looking at the weekend and the week ahead i don't really know why.

tomorrow we'll go to my littlest nephew's bday party (which mean hanging out w/ my sister and her non-talking hubby and seeing all the stuff they just got even though she doesn't have a job and her survival plan is living off of the govt); sunday morning my littlest niece, puddin', is getting baptized (awwwwwwwwwww) and sunday evening i leave for las vegas for work until thursday. blech.

so here's a little bit of the stuff that's been floating around in my head, unblogged.

the hubs and i were having a discussion the other night and to this day i am perplexed as to why a blow job is called a blow job. you don't blow on it. then we tried to think of what you would call it. suck job? no, it's not a straw. lick job, well, there's licking but not exclusively. fellatio (oral stimulus of the penis) is accurate but not just like one of those toss out there words.

i was disturbed by this hbofamily special we watched last night. there were different segments on issues teens/tweens deal w/. one was a boy who's father wasn't in the picture and how he had anger issues and was teased at school; another was of a TWELVE year old who'd contemplated suicide and was now in therapy and on anti-depressants; the third was about a group of 7th-8th graders who got drunk! wtf! 12-13 year olds are getting drunk and thinking of suicide???? people, this scares the shit out of me for my kids. and in these two segments it wasn't like you could even say it was because they parents weren't involved or they weren't supervised because that wasn't the case.

i have a snow post to write for you, cos we got some snow this week and i even took some pictures : ) wednesday morning, despite the fact that there was NOTHING on the ground and it wasn't even wet or anything, school was delayed two hours. wednesday evening by the time we got home there was maybe 2" of good, packable, gloriously beautiful snow covering the grass. it was soooo wonderful. late that night they cancelled school for the next day, even though it had stopped snowing and the roads in our part of town were clear as a bell. i'm guessing that's the extent of what mother nature's going to share with us this year so i'm now officially ready for winter to be over and spring to start.

we got swing vote from redbox last weekend and i must say it was pretty good. i personally like kevin costner (even though water world was....awful? horrible? pointless?) and i think he did a good job in this movie. it's a feel good movie but i don't think it was too sappy. five minutes before it ended i said--they are not going to tell us who wins the election (the whole point of the movie is that by some twist of fate kevin costner's vote will decide who's president, kelsey grammar or dennis hopper) because it wasn't about THAT it was about the journey. i was right : ) he he

we also got eagle eye w/ shia lebeouf (who i still think of as the brother from even stevens--disney channel ref for those of you w/out younger people living in your house) and it was pretty good too. though i've never seen the space odyssey movie w/ hal, i've heard of it and i think they're pretty similar.

i thought i might throw together a little post about some of the hubs' more colorful phrases of late, but seriously, it might have to be rated R. dude has gotten to be such a potty mouth lately. last night he said the economy was hemorrhaging worse than a bloody.....p-word. yes, that one. i can say cunt all day but the other word, not so much.

in emails w/ my bro yesterday i not only called him a douche canoe but also a twat waffle : ) in a friendly, not angry, way.


Hotch Potchery said...

I am the opposite, I can say the pussy word, but NOT the c%47 word. YIKES, Mr. CK is a potty mouth.

I hate to get to Friday just to realized the weekend is all cluttery and then you have to go to away work? boo. Take pictures of something sparkly while in Vegas!

Astarte said...

I can just picture your brother getting an email where he is called those hysterical things. HA!!!

IB said...

"Twat waffle"...Hilarious!

broad minded said...

those sort of shows are just sensationalized. it is like the whole thing with kids being abducted if you look at statistics of abduction, rates aren't really higher, you just hear more about it and everyone then freaks out.

drollgirl said...

you and your husband have very creative ways of cussing. LOVE IT!!!!

and i'm going to figure out this blow job mystery once and for all!!!!

Penny said...

I was VERY confused by the term blow job for a long time, I really couldn't understand the logistics of that. I think I'll ask the gay guys I work with why they think it is called that, they always have colorful answers...I'll let you know.

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--ok,sometimes i can say pussy but to call someone something or just throw it out there i like cunt. and, weird i know but cunt=dry; pussy=wet. mr. ck isn't NORMALLY as bad as that, but he does come up w/ some creative...descriptions. and, i take it as a challenge to photo something sparkly from vegas, especially seeing as how i'll be in a trade show for the better part of every day. i plan to blog if possible.

astarte--well, he does call and leave me voicemails impersonating jeff dunham (i keel you infidel) and repeating brown chicken brown cow so i figure he deserves it : )

ib--i can't take credit for that, the illustrious sherendipity busted out w/ douche canoe and twat waffle. i think it's a canadian thing ; )

broad--ok, but wait until the spawn gets older. you'll freak over that shit too! : )

drollgirl--i cuss A LOT here, but irl not as much; well, not around the kids. and sometimes i think the hubs and i do it just to see who can shock who.

tracy--i would love to know what light your co-workers can shed on this subject. get back to me on that one :)

Sherendipity said...

lol. I've corrupted the minds and mouths of many.
My work is only beginning.