Wednesday, February 18, 2009

almost lost time and other stuff

it is almost time for lost. this makes me happy : )

thank you sweet people who've asked about the hubs. we saw his cardiologist today and had some tests done. (he had a stent or is it stint? put in about 6 yrs ago) he's wearing a 24 hr monitor, took a stress test and blood work, etc. so, we'll see what's next. we really like his cardiologist, she's very good. one of my IRL besties trish hooked us up w/ her (they're friends). just one of the many things i'm grateful to trish for (she also introduced me to van morrison) and has always been there for me when i needed her. she was one of the 10 laid off in our office a few weeks ago. i miss her terribly, even though it seems like over the last year i hadn't really been able to spend a lot of time w/ her at work.

while we were waiting for the hubs to be called back for his blood work i saw the biggest look of surprise cross his face. i turned to look but missed seeing the guy walking down the hall peeing on himself. nice. he was carrying a specimen cup, perhaps they didn't properly explain what he was to do w/ it?

work today was the biggest fucking goat rodeo i have ever been part of. yesterday we had a half day meeting to discuss and plan for this big mtg we're having tomorrow. each segment of our business has to give a powerpoint presentation. yesterday (nothing like waiting until the last minute) it was decided what format we should all follow; what info we should all provide, etc. ok, no problem. i finished my part of our presentation, ditto was working on her part today and then i was going to do the final polish. at THREE this afternoon they decided we needed to have another meeting about the mtg tomorrow and look at every one's presentation. omfuckinggod. somewhere between yesterday's mtg and this afternoon's mtg changes were made in what information we should have in our presentation and oddly enough this was not communicated to ditto and me. hmmm. i'm seeing a trend here. so i worked late, finished it up and am just ready to get this over with.

i came home to the hubs (looking like a borg w/ his monitor on) he he making shrimp alfredo and we had a yummy dinner.


Hotch Potchery said...

We are watching last week's LOST since we never got to it last week...yikes.

cheatymoon said...

Goat rodeo = gold. Good luck w/ work issues - it seems stressful.

Sorry to hear about your hubs. My mom just finished w/ the same sort of monitor today!

I am watching Lost right now. Also a bit stressful, but in a good way.

{sue} said...

Goat rodeo is the best mental image EVER!

Hope all is well with your hubs. A friend who introduces you to a good cardiologist AND Van Morrison is a good friend indeed!

Anonymous said...

I missed LOST last night, but I DVR'ed it so I'm looking forward to watching it this weekend.

LOVE goat rodeo. May need to use that...I think my work and your work have a lot in common!

I'm glad all is well with your husband!

(PS I don't mind our secret over there)Tracy

drollgirl said...

i hope everything checks out just fine with the hubs!!!

and goat rodeo??? love that term!

Astarte said...

Goat rodeo is AWESOME!!! I'm laughing my ass off over here!!!! HAHAHAA!

I'm glad things are going well for the hubs at the moment. At least he's not walking down the hall peeing himself. :/

Kristin.... said...

HOpe things are good with Hubs.

How did the meeting go yesterday? Email me!