Friday, February 20, 2009

wordly wise

i was surprised by the responses to my use of goat rodeo--i assumed this was a common phrase, but apparently not. that got me to thinking about other phrases/words i like and i thought i'd share them w/ you. some of them i stole from *sherry, who needs to write her own urban dictionary ; )


jit aka cum (apparently the hubs made up jit because when i asked friends about it they'd never heard of jit; jism, yes, cum, yes, but not jit)

*douche canoe (this one has made it out of blog land and i have introduced several people to this word)

*cunt punching

*twat waffle (the hubs and the bro thought these were hysterical)

goat rodeo aka circle jerk and cluster fuck--i use these terms a lot as they apply to the work environment

up to my ass in alligators aka putting out fires--the hubs uses this a lot as it applies to his job

thrown under the bus (when someone betrays your or stabs you in the back) also use this term a lot for work

what are your fave unusual words/phrases?


Anonymous said...

New one I heard this week about a chiropractor who though she was a brain surgeon....

When you are a hammer, you think everything is a nail

drollgirl said...

ok, these gave me my first (and possibly ONLY) laugh today!!!!

i have been saying FUCKWIT a lot lately, but i don't really think that is a new one...