Monday, February 16, 2009

remember me?

i think this is perhaps the longest i've gone w/out posting in a long time. sorry about that. this month is simply crazy.

i got home from my business trip thursday night and worked friday. we have a big meeting coming up this thursday and you could cut the stress in our office w/ a knife. next sunday i leave for another business trip, gone again until the following thursday. in the meantime the hubs is out of town tonight, the only time he could be away based on my schedule and everything else going on. the girl has a concert at school (orchestra) tomorrow night; hubs has an appt. w/ his cardiologist wed. morning, my big mtg is thursday (he has a day long mtg that day as well) and friday is the boy's lego club night. it makes me tired to even think about the rest of this month. i'm trying to visualize the light at the end of the tunnel and thinking that things will calm down after next week.

friday night the girl was asking for this frito pie stuff my mom makes, which nobody else likes. so she called my mom and asked if she could make it for her. my mom just about peed her pants w/ excitement and delight. so we went over there saturday (yes, valentine's day) for dinner.

can we talk about valentine's day? i do not hate the day, but i always feel like it's such a competition, such a manipulated holiday. i love the hubs every day. we've been (mostly together) for 25 years (married for nearly 17 of those) and i can honestly say i love him now more than ever. we have spent a lot of valentine's days together. i have a picture somewhere of the first dozen roses and big candy heart he gave me. this valentine's day we spent low key, mainly because of how crazy the rest of our month has been and will be.

we took the kids to the book store and the kids and i picked out books. one of the ones i got will be the subject of a coming post. it's a collection of 6 word memoirs from various famous and obscure authors. think about that for a minute. your life summed up in 6 words. it's pretty interesting. anyway, the four of us hung out, ran here and there and just spent the day together. and it was good. it was good to be home. it was good to be with them.

today i was off for president's day. i know, it's a pretty lame excuse for a day off, but i'm not complaining. i think this is the only place i've ever worked that got president's day off. the hubs left for his work trip, the kids were in school.

i was a slug today. oh, don't get me wrong, i got a lot done. i have been doing laundry since 8 am. (ok, i did go back to bed for a couple of hours after the girl got on the bus and i took the boy to school) i have fluffed and folded all day. i still have some left to do. i also changed the kitty litter and cleaned both bathrooms. and---i watched a marathon of the real housewives of orange county. i know--guilty stupid embarrassing. also? i didn't shower and wore my pajamas for all but an hour of the day. that show though? omg, it's like watching a fucking train wreck. the greed, the phoniness, the silicon, the shallowness, the disrespect it's unbelievable; and yet i folded an ass load of laundry in front of that tv today witnessing all of it.

one more thing--wtf is up w/ people remaking movies? really? we NEEDED a remake of friday the 13th? not only is that the lamest thing i've ever heard of, but i can't believe someone actually got the financial backing to do it. and? they've also remade escape to witch mountain (or something about witch mountain). really? the rock is going to take tony and tia to their space ship? i used to love that freaking disney movie and i was sooo jealous of those kids. anyway, where's the creativity in remaking something? where's the originality? i think that's just lame.

ok, one more one more thing--so i'm wondering if the hubs and i are the only ones who do this (no, not have sex before going to work in the morning, of course we do that, doesn't everyone? ok, to be fair, that doesn't happen often.) i mean fantasize about winning the lottery? we have always done this, it's not a recent thing. we've always talked about what we'd do with the money, the house we'd build (in great detail) the places we'd buy houses, etc. he works in the convenience story business and says you would not believe how much lottery ticket sales have increased lately. but our talk about what we'd do w/ the money is a long standing thing, we've always done it. depending on the circumstances we'd give money to family members. we discuss this over and over as well. sometimes we'd just give money to my bro/sil; sometimes to others. the hubs asked me this the other day, who would we give money to. between us we have five siblings. of those i only really like my brother, as in i'd be friends w/ him even if we weren't related. however, this time when the hubs asked i said i'd give 100k to each of our sibs. (cos hello, our lottery is up to like 92 mil). what would you do if you won that kind of money? the hubs is funny about the lottery though. of course i know we'll never win (there's a quote that says something like lotteries are just a tax on stupid people) but i know someone has to win. anyway, the hubs won't buy a ticket until it gets to a certain amount, like maybe 50-60 million. like 30-40 wouldn't be nice? i don't know. i don't get that logic.


Not Your Aunt B said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one whose life just suddenly got super busy. It's been crazy. I can't wait for a weekend off- in March of course!
What is up with the remakes? And I think Friday 13th was #1 in the box office this weekend. WTF? I loved Escape to Witch Mountain. I wanted superpowers so badly.
And we constantly talk about what we're going to do when we win the lotto. To the point that Miss A says she wants 10 million dollars, even though she has no clue what that means. We always say we wouldn't tell anyone we won so the crazies from our lives don't come out of the woodwork to get theirs.

Hotch Potchery said...

I LOVE some of the remakes. Freaky Friday: check. The Parent Trap: check. Witch Mountain? I am VERY excited.

We also talk all the time about winning the lottery. I would share with my sister for sure, and other than her, I am not sure.

Cardiologist? eesh, that sounds serious...

Valentine's? Yeah, for sure I love Mr. P most days, but a day to ensure we set aside some time for romance? I dig it.

drollgirl said...

yer life is sure busy!!! and the lotto would help. buy a ticket! me and my bf have lotto talks/dreams all the time. sure wish it would happen already!

Anonymous said...

I don't really like movies in general, but I extra don't get remakes...I really don't understand the point.

You guys do sound extra busy, I'm sure all the travel with being busy, and your husband not feeling well and two kids is just nuts...

I don't know what I would do with lottery money...I think I would defintely share with my sister and her family but I'm really not sure who else...although I NEVER buy tickets so I guess i'm probably not going to win!

creative kerfuffle said...

bea--i wanted those escape to witch mountain powers too and those awesome bedrooms that bald dude gave them : )

hotch--ok, i'll give you parent trap and freaky friday. those were good. cardiologist, yep. tomorrow morning. vd--i don't HATE it, i just don't like the expectations and the judgements that go along w/ it.

drollgirl--i know it's a long shot to win, but it could happen ; )

tracy--WHAT? you don't like movies in general??? i don't understand.

broad minded said...

i get president's day too! it rocks!

we do the lottery thing all the time. lately we talk about giving money to our church too b/c they are having major $ problems. we don't hold out until it is a certain number though, b/c just a fraction of whatever the pot is would do in my mind. and i figure while we don't really stand a chance, at least the money is going to the schools. they sure need it.