Tuesday, February 10, 2009

lame from vegas part 2

i'm going to out myself a little here. some of you are wondering what it is exactly i'm doing here in vegas. i work for a trade publication and there is a big furniture market going on in vegas this week. this is where furniture manufacturers show off their goods and furniture retailers come to buy the things you'll find in stores in 6-12 months.

part of my job is to visit showrooms, find out what the new products are, take pictures, write about the new products, find out what's going on in the industry (for my specific category) and then write about it for our magazine.

ditto is one of my co-workers and i nicknamed her that because she copies everything one of our other co-workers, lollipop, does. if lolli gets her hair cut, ditto gets the same hair cut. she tries to dress like ditto, drink the drinks ditto drinks, etc. and, ditto is one of these people who talks incessantly about herself, her life, etc. and she doesn't know when to stop. i have spent a great deal of time w/ her since sunday and i am about to go bat shit crazy. she is the type of person who acts like she's listening to what you say but she's really just waiting for you to take a breath so she can talk. she goes off on tangents and repeats her stories, over and over again.

back to the trade show. one of the things shows try to do is provide entertainment for attendees in an effort to keep them at the show. if you were reading me over the summer you'll know that this particular show made my year because their guest entertainment was.....rod stewart. for those who've been reading awhile and for those who know me in person, i love rod and have since i was in college. so, his being here this summer was AWESOME. they did not score a big name this go round. last night was the neil diamond and tina turner impersonators. tonight was 80's night. and, while i heart me to death some 80s music (did i tell you i've met and interviewed and had my picture taken w/ rick springfield??? yes, it's true) this band was butchering everything from a flock of seagulls to madonna. however, i did snap some pictures for you. there was someone who looked liked slash from gnr, a devo guy, a woman who i'm guessing was supposed to be kate from the b52s, i think one was dressed as madonna (from the 80s, not madge) or if not she was a hooker.

i get to come home thursday, for a week, then it is off to san antonio for my annual conference.


Not Your Aunt B said...

At least in San Antonio you can have yummy Tex-Mex and margaritas! Is there anyway you can lose Ditto? Accuse her of cheating at a poker table? Something? I would be hitting the bars if I was stuck with her.

How's the hubs?

Hotch Potchery said...

Sounds like you are spending time in Vegas with my Dad. Or my Mom.

creative kerfuffle said...

bea--omg, if there was a way to lose ditto i would do it in a heartbeat. the hubs is ok, actually has a dr appt. scheduled for monday.

hotch--i think i'd rather be spending time in vegas w/ your mom or dad, or hell, my mom or dad. no, wait, i guess there ARE worse things.

broad minded said...

if it weren't for the fact that i know i am not in vegas i would be starting to get concerned i am ditto - i talk a lot!!!

drollgirl said...

that travel must be brutal!

and i used to work with a ditto. fertheloveofgod i wanted to shoot that woman!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, ditto does sound like one of our parents...the incessantly talking about themselves part...that looks like it could be very fun, if you had someone cool to hang out with!

Sherendipity said...

just come to Ontario. i'll get you drunk.


creative kerfuffle said...

broad--of course it wasn't you. i heart you, i would have had fun if you would have been there ; )

drollgirl--sometimes i wonder how i survive the travel. and, there is a special place somewhere for people like ditto. i just hope i don't end up there.

shere--lol. it's a deal : ) you have beer there? molson. isn't that a canandian beer? i have no idea.