Tuesday, February 10, 2009

lame from las vegas

i got to the hotel around 11:30 sunday night. i think this may be the only hotel in vegas that does not have either revolving or automatic doors so opening the door and wheeling your luggage in is a bitch. finally got to my room and was ready to crash.

when i travel i don't really like to sit beside people i know from work, unless of course they are my friends. this time around i sat beside ditto (remember her?) for both legs of the flight. she talks to hear herself talk. finally, w/ three hours left in the flight i put on my headphones and closed my eyes. i don't listen to my mp3 player much but it makes me laugh to think of how much fun you'd make of me to know what songs are on there : ) maybe i'll post that later this week for your mocking enjoyment.

yesterday i walked around the trade show all day with ditto. ugh. it is nice to reconnect with people from my industry that i see a few times a year, but in general it is very tiring. basically i go from showroom to showroom, talking business, learning about the new product and taking pictures and then at some point (last night in my room and this morning before i head over to the show) i write stories about it. glamorous i know.

i was back in my room and ordered room service by about 7:30 last night. i will try to take some pictures of something interesting if i see anything other than the trade show and other than my hotel. here's the lame part--i know most people take advantage of being in a place like vegas, and my first few times out here i did too. my favorite thing to do is visit the fountain at the bellagio, but none of my buddies are here and i'm not likely to go out traipsing around by myself at night.

i'll see what goodies i can find to write about though. i did see a neil diamond and tina turner impersonator perform at the trade show yesterday. at first i really thought it was neil diamond, he sounded exactly like him, but he was at least 10 yrs younger. certainly not rod stewart, like they had this summer, but it was something.


Hotch Potchery said...

About 7 years ago I went to fucking HAWAII by myself for work. It sucked. Hawaii is awesome and gorgeous and horrible by yourself. Much like I awesome Vegas is.

But NEIL DIAMOND? Now, that is awesome.

Help me here...I thought you were a magazine editor, so are you taking pictures of other magazines? I know that can't be right, but I can't figure out what you are there looking at...

Hotch Potchery said...

Ha ha ha ha. I meant to say, much like I ASSUME Vegas is, but my 80's self saw another opportunity to type awesome.

Astarte said...

Ugh, you have been stuck with that woman the whole time?!?!?! Thank heavens you didn't have to share a room with her, too!!!! When can you come home?

broad minded said...

i can't believe you don't want to hold hands and skip with the queen of evil to the fountains! for shame.

ugh, well i have to go do a conference call now.

drollgirl said...

years ago i had to attend the consumer electronic show in vegas for a stupid job i had with an audio manufacturer. B-O-R-I-N-G. and for some strange reason there was a porn convention at the same time. very odd mix of folks.

on the upside, it will sure be good to get home.

and i wish i had seen/heard the neil diamond impersonator. i could listen to neil any old time and be happy!

hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

mmm now I am going to have to go through your old posts and see if I can find the deal with ditto. I'm sorry your in Vegas alone, that sucks..is your husband feeling better?


Sherendipity said...

we're planning on vegas in october, but now that i've said it out loud, i'm sure something will happen to screw that up.
anyway, if Murphy remembers that i'm not the only person in the world, and decides to f*ck with someone else for a change, i'll hit you up for must sees.