Saturday, February 7, 2009

hair, movies juniors and puddin'

at what age do women have to cut their hair? i mean when is it no longer ok for women to have long hair? you rarely see women over the age of about 50 w/ long hair or, if they do have long hair they keep it in a bun and if they don't they look like hippies. my hair is a little past my shoulders and i'm (only) 40. let me know when i'm supposed to cut it unkay?

feb. 2nd was my mom's bday and also my littlest nephew's bday. we went to his bday party today and we took my mom's present as well. my dad actually bought my mom a present, shocker number one, and shocker number two he bought her a dvd player. so, i got her movies for her bday. terms of endearment; roxanne (w/ steve martin, i love that movie); the family stone (i love diane keaton) and fargo. what' s not to love about marge and a wood chipper?

the girl has crossed a clothing thresh hold. we bought her shirts from the JUNIORS' section today. omg. though she can still wear sizes in the girls' section she's really beyond the high school musical/hannah montana images stores seem to assume all 12 year old girls want to wear.

my sweet litlest niece puddin' (along w/ my bro/sil/gameboy) were at my nephew's bday party today. i wish i could post a pic here because srsly, she's like the cutest baby. she's nearly 10 months now. she's sitting up really well, starting to crawl, etc. i learned, after that time a couple of months ago, not to try to go right up to her as soon as i see her. you have to ease into her, talk to her and let her warm up to you before you hold her or she cries.

i just saw the DUMBEST thing ever. the boy was watching something on disney and one of the disney "stars" was giving a concert. the kids in the audience were holding up their illuminated cell know, like we used to hold up lighters at concerts. omg. really? cell phones? at first i thought they were taking ics, but no, they weren't, they were swaying their arms back and forth w/ their damn cell phones. i am getting so damn old.


Gal Friday said...

As soon as my hair gets close to arm pit length, I know it is time for a haircut, as I find longer hair on me ages me(I'm 46). In fact, I had it cut just above shoulder length and the first thing my husband said when he saw me with the cut today was how young I looked. But...there ARE some women who can carry off the long hair into old age, but I am guessing not too many. I am worrying currently, how I am going to carry off the grey or white hair into my "golden years"(found a first grey hair today)
I remember when I figured out that my daughter could shop in the Junior sizes, too, and look for shoes in the regular Ladies section--it opened up a lot more options for her.(she wears some of MY clothes, now, too)

Not Your Aunt B said...

I think you can wear your hair long as long as you want- the style is more important. You can't be doing the 80's bang poof with long hair into your 50's.

cheatymoon said...

I'm with you with the long hair. I'm 43 and keep thinking that the days of super long are closing for me. Right now, it is at about bra strap length. I was playing around with cutting bangs, and when I pushed some hair over my forehead, immediately my son said I looked younger... hmmm.

Hotch Potchery said...

I have pretty long hair, not necessarily by choice, but I am "scared" to go to the hairdresser.

Sherendipity said...

My hair is the secret to my super powers.

Pandora said...

The whole cellphone thing is just embaressing.I hope they see themselves on tv someday and feel deeply ashamed.Although I guess we should be happy the tweens aren't carrying around lighters.

Astarte said...

My mother is 60 and has long hair. It used to be down to her butt, which looked ridiculous, but she recently had it cut to her mid-back and I'll bet that's OK. I think it depends on your face and body type, and how you keep it. I mean, if it's pretty, and you like it, that's your answer. Screw everyone else - who would make a comment, anyway? Some cell-phone wielding zitface? Pah.