Wednesday, February 11, 2009

aural exposure

i'm always intrigued by people's choices in music, art, movies, books, etc. i like learning what people enjoy, what moves them, what speaks to them. so, i thought i'd share with you some of the songs on my mp3 player, though probably not all of them cos dude that's a long list.

everything i do i do for you--bryan adams (this is a song the hubs and i wanted played at our wedding, but it didn't happen, so it was played at our reception instead)
1234---feist (i first heard snippets of this on an apple commercial and had to google it and fell in love w/ it. i love her voice)
99luftballons--nena (this is the german version. this was a hugely popular song when the hubs and i were dating in germany. i actually have the cd now and most of the songs are in german, which i don't understand. the english title of this song is 99 red balloons even though the german is 99 air balloons.)
phil collins--omg, i have like a kabillion phil collins songs on this thing. i was a huge phil fan in high school, and apparently still am. against all odds (i'd listen to this whenever the hubs and i would break up);
ain't no sunshine when she's gone--bill withers
all out of love--air supply. shut up. i know they're cheesy but whatareyagonna do. i had their freakin' 8 track tape.
always something there to remind me--naked eyes
and it stoned me--van morrison (his voice is amazing)
angie--the rolling stones
astral weeks--van
at last--etta james (and yes, i hearted this song before the inauguration dances; in fact, i hate that they used that song because now that will be what i think of for awhile when i hear it)
back to you--john mayer
beast of burden--the rolling stones
beth--kiss. oy vey i had a tiny peter criss crush for a week or so back in the day. meow.
big girls don't cry--fergie. despite the fact that she peed her pants on stage once i like her voice.
blister in the sun--violent femmes (there was this "alternative" bar called gumby's in college, they played the "alternative" music. it was cool. everyone smelled like either clove cigarettes or weed in there)
bohemian rhapsody--queen (cos it's just a must)
breathe--faith hill (also makes me think of the hubs)
brick--ben folds (for some reason this song always makes me think of my sister)
broken arrow--rod stewart. need i say more?
brother love's travelling salvation show--neil diamond. neil can kick it big time on this one.
brown eyed girl--van. this one makes me think of the girl (she has brown eyes) and that some day someone might sing this to her.
can't stop loving you--phil collins
caravan--van morrison. omg, i love this song on 50 million levels. one of which is because it has a west wing (my favorite show of all times) tie in. one of josh's girlfriends was blasting this song in an episode and dancing around to it.
church of the poison mind--culture club
cocaine--eric clapton
collide--howie day
come dancing--the kinks
comfortable--john mayer
comfortably numb--pink floyd (from college when i frequently got comfortably numb)
crash into me--dave matthews band. (can we say SeXY?)
crazy love--van morrison (reminds me of the hubs)
crush--dave matthews band--another sexy song
daddy's pearl--rick springfield (i have too many awful rick springfield songs on here too; rick takes me back to middle school when i loved him as dr. noah drake on genho)
dance with me--orleans
do i move you--nina simone (ok, i learned about nina simone from a movie--the one w/ gabriel byrne and that girl they were training to be a killer? she listened to nina simone all the time)
do you remember--phil collins
don't let him steal your heart away--phil collins
don't lose my number--phil collins
don't talk to strangers--rick springfield
don't you forget about me--simple minds. hello breakfast club all time awesome movie and i loved judd nelson.
drops of jupiter--train (this song is sooo about me)
forever young--rod stewart
friday i'm in love--the cure (from my alternative stage in college)
hand me down--matchbox twenty
hard habit to break--chicago (chicago songs are high school hubs dating songs; every song MEANT something)
hard to say i'm sorry--chicago
harder to breathe--maroon 5
have i told you lately that i love you--rod
have you ever really loved a woman--bryan adams
he thinks he'll keep her--mary chapin carpenter
hollaback girl--gwen stefani
how much i feel--ambrosia
i am i said--neil diamond
i don't want to miss a thing--aerosmith
i told you so--randy travis
i want a lover--pet shop boys
i want you to want me--cheap trick
i'll melt with you--modern english
i'll tumble 4 ya--culture club
i'm about to come alive--train
i'm on fire--bruce springsteen
in your eyes--peter gabriel
into the mystic--van morrison omg, best song
it's a sin--pet shop boys
jessie's girl--rick springfield
just got paid--johnny kemp
just the way you are--billy joel
kiss on my list--hall & oates
l'enfante--vangelis (i discoverd vangelis on a trip to visit my aunt & uncle when i was in college. they lived near new hope, pa. it's a very artsy town with amazing shops and this cd was playing in one of them)
lady marmalade--labelle
let it whip--dazz band
let's get it on--marvin gaye
let's stay together--al green (i love this song)
like a virgin--madonna (no child of the 80s can not like this song.)
lola--the kinks
losing my religion--r.e.m.
lost in love--air supply
lost in you--rod
love comes quickly--pet shop boys
love touch--rod
lump--presidents of the united states
making love out of nothing at all--air supply
meet virginia--train
monday monday--the mamas & the papas
moondance--van morrison
my heart can't tell you no---rod
my stupid mouth--john mayer
no one is to blame--howard jones
oh sheila--ready for the world (again, dating music w/ the hubs in high school)
one more night--phil collins
one week--barenaked ladies
overkill--men at work (i was a HUGE maw fan in middle school. HUgE)
passion--rod stewart
people just love to play with words--men at work
personal jesus--depeche mode
piece of my heart--janis joplin
please forgive me--bryan adams
same old lang syne--dan fogelberg
sara smile--hall & oates
save a prayer--duran duran
save tonight--eagle-eye cherry
secret garden--bruce springsteen
sex and candy--march playground
sexual healing--marvin gaye (all time fave)
she will be loved--maroon 5
she's a beauty--the tubes
she's always a woman to me---billy joel
she's got a way about her--billy joel
she's on fire--train
shine--collective soul
should i stay or should i go--the clash
so what--pink
someone like you--van morrison
someone to watch over me--etta james
something about you--level42
still the one--orleans (so reminds me of the hubs)
summer of 69--bryan adams
sunday morning--maroon 5
super freak--rick james
sweet caroline--neil diamond
sweet emotion--aerosmith
sweet home alabama--lynyrd skynyrd
sympahty for the devil--the rolling stones
take me home--phil colllins
teach your children--crosby, stills and nash
the boys of summer--don henley
the end of the innocence--don henley
the first cut is the deepest--rod
the flame--cheap trick
the last worthless evening--don henley
the rain--oran "juice" jones
the tao of love--vangelis
the way we were--barbra streisand
this love--maroon 5
this must be love--phil collins
time after time--cyndi lauper (another hubs song)
true colors--cyndi lauper
trust in me--etta james
turn turn turn--the byrds
two divided by zero--pet shop boys
upsdie down--jack johnson
upstairs in my house--men at work
violence--pet shop boys
waiting on a friend--the rolling stones
walk on the wild side--lou reed
wasted on the way--crosby, stills and nash
what you need--inxs
when a man loves a woman--percy sledge
when i was your man--rod stewart
wish you were here--pink floyd
wonderful tonight--eric clapton (the hubs and i danced to this on a pier in myrtle beach on our honeymoon)
word up--cameo
wrapped around your finger--the police
you're in my heart--rod stewart (ultimate song)
you're the inspiration (another song the hubs and i wanted played at our wedding)--chicago
young turks--rod
your love--the outfield
your wildest dreams--the moody blues


broad minded said...

LUMP!!!! i love to blast that song and sing at the top of my lungs.

at last - that was our first dance at our wedding reception, so associate it with that. great, great song.

you should check out billy joel, summer highland falls, if you don't already know it. great lyrics.

Just B said...

Great list! We have music tastes in common. Eight tracks! My dad had rigged an eight-track player in our beaten up old motor home when I was a kid. Man did we think were it as we rolled down the roads blasting--well, okay it was usually gospel music with my parents. But I still thought we were all that:)

Anonymous said...

I heart I Melt With You!

Sweet T

cheatymoon said...

We could trade iPods. Love to see all that Van on the list. He is my all time favorite. Also, I agree w/ broad minded - Billy Joel Summer Highland Falls is amazing.
Fun post!

Antoinette Meaterson said...

We danced to "Always Be Right There" by Bryan Adams at our reception. And we could so totally trade Ipods too. I feel slightly less lame now.

ALTHOUGH...I think music is personal some how, so to put all this out there like that would weird me out.

Hotch Potchery said...

That was a lot to type! I also have Air Supply! I was disappointed to not see any Britney.

creative kerfuffle said...

broad--you are the reason i have lump on my mp3 player : ) based on your suggestion : )

just b-- : ) i can just picture the 8 track and the motor home, that would have been cool : ) i thought my grandparents were cool when they had a cb in their car : ) he he he

sweet t--isn't it the bomb? ithere's nothing you and i can't do....

only--i can't believe it took me so long to discover van. and, though i listen to his other albums, i really am stuck on moondance. i love every song on that. i'll have to check out the billy joel you and broad speak of.

tonie--i'm glad i could help you feel less lame : ) when it comes to music, i really don't mind if people think i'm lame and i agree, it is very personal. i can't even really put into words how music moves me.

hotch--it was a lot to type, i can't believe i did it. but once i got started i couldn't stop. britney? LOL. well, not all of us can heart her like you. i don't even think i could name a song she sings.