Saturday, December 31, 2005


You’ve seen those books, when do fish sleep? Ok, well I’ve got some of my own imponderables.

1. First, how big of a geek am I that I’m up at 4 a.m. not only thinking about these questions but then going so far as to get up and write them out for my blog?

2. Theoretically speaking, if I believe in the God I’ve been thinking I believe in do I then have to follow through with that belief and accept the fact that if Adolf Hitler asked for forgiveness and felt it in his heart before he died that he could be sitting in Heaven with my Grandma?

3. Is it a dichotomy that I am so an obsessive hand washer and yet have cats—animals that use the bathroom in a litter box in my house, which they walk in after using, and then walk across my counters, furniture and beds?

4. Why do some dogs howl unnecessarily when they hear a siren and others do not?

5. Is there something deeply wrong with people who can and do write horror novels or who produce and direct and write movies like Saw?

6. Why, when you think of something really, really horrendous and brutal or evil does your mind keep worrying it like a fresh cavity?

7. Has the government ever conducted studies of the writings of people under the influence of some sort of stimuli?

8. Why can’t real politics be like the West Wing where the good guys really have good ideas and feel passionately about the whole idea of by the people and for the people instead of being like a bunch of whores going to the highest bidder?

9. Is it weird to read someone’s blog, someone you don’t know, and then feel compelled to comment on an entry, and then feel weird like you’ve burst in on some conversation you weren’t invited to and made some lame comment and everyone is just standing around looking at you like, uh, who the hell are you?

10. Do you ever wonder, late at night, if your entire perception of reality is just a bit off register? Like if you peeled things back just a bit or looked a little too close you’d find out that you’ve been completely wrong about everything you ever thought?


Anonymous said...

"Do you ever wonder, late at night, if your entire perception of reality is just a bit off register?"

What's this "late at night" thing...I wonder it all the time, morning or night. How else to explain some of the things that others believe and accept that seem so completely and utterly wrong? Politic's currently being the perfect example...utter dispair that anything will ever change for the better with so much polarization and the inability and unwillingness for either extreme to compromise.

It's why I so rarely write a letter to the editor...I have a fear of the dreaded "sic" in which the editorial team signals to the world they think the writer is an idiot, or else why wouldn't they do their job and edit?


:) (But Happy New Year. May all your resolutions come easily true).

creative kerfuffle said...

I think I don't write letters to the editor because though I'm somewhat naive and have been accused of wearing rose colored glasses, I don't think my letter or my vote for that matter, really counts for much or will change anything.