Friday, December 16, 2005

Disturbing news

Just Googling around the news this morning and these popped out at me.

US Christian right threatens to boycott Ford over ads in gay media

I can’t even begin to express my shock and anger—WTF? Really? How hella stupid! Why, why, why are people so incredibly bigoted that they’re boycotting a company because of where it places it’s advertising? Do they REALLY think white, Christian, married couples are the only people in the entire freaking world that buy Ford cars? Why do they even care where Ford puts its ads? Are they afraid if ohmygod, a GAY person sees a Ford in a magazine ad that then THEY’LL buy a Ford and then people will start thinking everyone who drives a Ford is GAY so the white Christians will then have to stop buying Fords, or God forbid, someone would think they’re GAY? Do they think being gay will rub off on them? What about the whole Christian thing? I mean, I’m no expert and certainly don’t know my Bible, but I thought God was like, the creator of EVERYONE (including gays). What’s that stupid bumper sticker? God don’t make no junk? Well, uh, hello, God made people regardless of their color, sexual preference etc. and I don’t really think he gives a flying flip who drives a Ford.

My next question is which of those so-called Christian’s was reading a gay magazine and saw the Ford ad?

Fred: Dammit Fredia, do you see this ad Ford put in my magazine?

Fredia: Why, Fred, what are you doing with THAT magazine?

Fred: (said sheepishly) Well, I, uh, I’m just trying to find out about this whole lifestyle so I can bring them over to the good side. You know, the whole, going into the den of iniquity to save the poor souls there. Yeah, that’s it, that’s why I’m reading this.

I’m stopping now because this whole issue just pisses me off. Grow the fuck up people! We’re all humans and it doesn’t matter who’s sleeping with who it’s none of your damn business!


Computer decodes Mona Lisa's smile

This one baffles me for a few reasons. First, do scientist really not have anything better to study, than oh I don’t know maybe a cure for cancer or Alzheimer’s (because this is the disease I know I’ll get), AIDS, childhood leukemia, etc.? Who the hell funded this? Did they have extra money lying around, because, hello, I’ll sign up to study something—like why is the Statue of Liberty wearing sandals instead of some other shoe?

Did that many people have a burning desire to know why Mona was smiling? Hmm, report said she was smiling because she was…I know, hold on because this is just too unbelievable…she was HAPPY! No shit!

Isn’t the whole purpose of art to make you think, make you wonder, expand your horizons? Next thing you know they’ll be studying Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup piece. Why did he choose that brand instead of another? Why soup, why not a can of peas? Was Campbell’s underwriting him?


Anonymous said...

Clearly I have many issues with the insanity of the "Christian right." Their latest idiocy of creating an issue out of "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays" being a case in point...considering that my step-brothers are Jewish and my step-sisters are Muslim why does my "Christmas" get to trump their whole Holiday season? And doesn't the word "Holidays" derive from "Holy Days" anyway. I.E. inclusive instead of exclusive. Aargh...don't get me started.

creative kerfuffle said...

I don't think there should be an issue on what to wish people, but I do say Merry Christmas, unless I'm not sure what the person celebrates.

keri marion said...

say what you want to say. wish any good karma on anyone you want to at any time of the year and forget about it if someone's upset or not recognized. they're probably not recognized by you because it's different than you, which is something that should be celebrated anyway. so YAY!

and.. fords are gay.

i've always always always thought that any person ever driving a ford is super gay. not just like gay, "i like to have relations with people of my own sex," but gay like Big Gay Al gay.

so if you drive a ford, remember that i'm thinkin' you're Big Gay Al.


creative kerfuffle said...

uh, keri--good to know you're thinking i'm a Big Gay Al ; )
i'm guilty of driving not only a gay ford, but a ubiquitous gay ford silver taurus. however, for the last several weeks the gay heater doesn't work, so i'm not driving it at all. LOL