Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Polar opposites

This notion of penguins and polar bears cohabitating is driving me insane. I've noticed it for years in print and on TV. PENGUINS and POLAR BEARS do not even live on the same damn continent people!

I understand creating ads can be challenging and when you think ice, cold, winter you think polar bears and penguins, but do a little research people, they don't live on the same pole. Penguins are South Polers and polar bears are North Polers.

In the latest Coke ad it shows a rookery of penguins dancing and having a blast. I'm cool with that. Penguins drinking Coke, should be Pepsi, but I can handle Coke. Then the polar bears come onto the scene. It's just wrong.

I know it's a commercial, but I feel like I'm one of the few people in the world who realizes the wrongness of it. Alas, it is my curse to know this trivial stuff.

It seems this time of year brings out the worst in people with the penguins and bears--I see it on cards, wrapping paper, ornaments and more. C'mon, that would be like showing pictures of camels and kangaroos hanging out together.

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