Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Life at home

Today's the first official day of my holiday vacation I guess. It's Tuesday, December 27, 10:49 a.m. I'm on the first cup of coffee, got up 20 minutes ago when The Boy brought me the Darth Vadar Helmut to fix.
It is huge and sounds totally like Darth Vadar--not the best thing to hear first thing in the morning.
The Girl is on her way to become a sculpture, she got a battery operated pottery wheel (not from me) for Christmas, it's loud. The same aunt and uncle that got her that got The Boy a 310 piece art set : ) Too bad all their kids are grown up, I'd buy them some drums and cymbols.
Christmas was quite nice. The Hubby and I don't really do extravagant gifts for each other, for many reasons, but he usually ends up out doing me anyway. I got a great pair of pjs, the first season of West Wing on DVD, perfume, a very cool photo/scrapbook thing, and the kids got me the big ass box of crayons (hands down one of my best gifts, truly), fuzzy pink slippers (I look like a Yeti who fell in some food coloring) and the original Willy Wonka DVD. My Mom got me the new version (with Johnny Hottie Depp) and March of the Penguins, which I've already watched once! : )
Today they want to go out shopping. I have grand plans for this week--reorganize the kids' rooms, get caught up on paperwork, find a new job, etc.
He he--got ya going on the job thing huh? Yes, I'd love to find a new job this year, but so far I'm not doing much on that front.

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