Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Taking off the Rose Colored Glasses

It's the second day of Nov. and I'm on my last day of the kids' fall break.

Apparently I'm still idealistic and naive. When I looked at the calendar and saw my little cherubs had four days off (plus the weekend) I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to spend some time with them and get a few things done around the house. As a working mom that travels I am forever consumed with the guilt of not spending enough time with my kids, not doing enough with their school and not being Harriet in Ozzie and Harriet (see previous post on The Good, Bad and Ugly parent). I am an idiot.

The first day (which was also the Boy's birthday, my baby is six, sniff sniff) their first question was, hey, why aren't we going to daycare?
Me: I took some time off of work so I could be with you.
Them: But Mom, we're having a Halloween party at daycare Monday!
Me: hmm, ok well, you can go Monday and then the other days we'll spend together.
Them: ok (said in a less than enthusiastic response.)
What the hell I thought. Yes, I was totally ready for time off work but really and truly thought my kids would be thrilled that they'd be spending the next few days with me. Wrong.

I imagined we'd spend the days wrapped in cuddly fun playing games, playing outside and miraculously I'd even have time to clean out the garage, organize all my closets and cabinets, sew two years worth of patches on the Girl's Brownie vest, find and complete dozens of freelance jobs, blog every day, take care of all the paperwork that's piled up around here and still be chipper and amorous when the hubby got home (and I had a four course meal waiting on him).

Each day I was greeted with, so Mom what are we going to do today? Where are we going? How will you entertain us?

hmmph. It so has not worked out like I planned. I cleaned out my closet and a few kitchen cabinets. The garage has not been touched. I have chauffered the Boy to two dental appts. (to be blogged about later) and took them shopping to spend the Boy's birthday money. I did some paperwork. Today I will sew the patches on the Girl's Brownie vest and tackle a few freelance jobs, take the kids to the library and see what we have time for after that.

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