Friday, November 4, 2005

Not sexual music

My last music post led me to this, which is not on the same train of thought at all, so I made it into its own post.

I think I’m probably weird when it comes to music because for the most part I don’t know what’s popular, I don’t know what’s up and coming and I can find something I like in almost every genre. Admittedly I have a tough time with heavy metal—but when they do those 80s flashbacks on VH1 I do recognize some heavy metal tunes and in fact like them, well, I can tolerate them.

One might think I’d be more open to heavy metal because after Peter Frampton in third grade, my next concert was in high school. Monsters of Rock around 1984 I think. The Hubby and I were dating then, I was still young and naïve and we went to this all day rock concert in a soccer stadium (in Germany). The lineup included Van Halen, Dokken, Ozzie Osborn, AC/DC and others I can’t remember. My first display of naiveté came when we were walking up the stadium steps and I saw all these people with crushed up soda cans with smoke coming out of them : ) I was clueless.

Throughout the day lesser bands played, they were all harsh and brutal, cussing and raw—I think I watched the people around me more than the bands. Then Van Halen got on stage (we could even see Eddie’s wife Valerie sitting backstage) and I was a little giddy, I’m sure I’d had some beer by this point; there’s no drinking age in Europe. My second bout of naiveté came when David Lee Roth came out and I said to the hubby, he’s so cute (shut up, I know he’s disgusting, but give me a break, I was 16; I don’t know what I saw in him) and then DLR ripped out something like How the fuck are you? And I about fainted. I couldn’t believe he’d said the F word! The hubby laughed. I was appalled.

AC/DC was the final act; it was around 10pm by that point. They brought out their cannons—For Those About to Rock We Salute You—and shot them off. Then Angus Young proceeded to moon the crowd—his ass was bared on those huge theater screens they have at concerts, even back in the day they had them. Then he played the guitar while being passed around the audience.

After reading this you’d really think I’m a prude—and back then I was, very sheltered I suppose. Don’t worry, I made up for all that in college ; )

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