Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm a slack ass

I’ve always known this in that deep dark part of my mind I don’t like to talk about or visit, but I am officially ready to admit I’m a slack ass and I’m embarrassed by it.

One of my friends started running marathons a while ago. He ran and completed a marathon on The Great Wall of China. He ran and completed the New York Marathon. He had a goal.

I just read about another person, someone I don’t know, who lives in Colorado and his goal is to climb 54 mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation; in the last two years he’s climbed 12 of them. He has a goal.

I need some goals. I’ve heard one of the keys to reaching your goals is to start out small so you can see some success and then gain momentum, building up to something really big.

Here are my goals:

1. Make it through the day without spilling something on myself. Oops, missed that one today as I spilled coffee all down my leg on the way to work.

2. Make it through the workday doing ONLY work, nothing personal, like, say, writing a blog. Oops, missed that one too.

3. Make it through a major holiday without feeling like I would have rather spent the day cleaning bedpans in a mental institution.

4. Before I’m 40 I want to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I have three years left.

5. Start and complete a craft project. I’m infamous for starting lots of projects, case in point. Project: Huge afghan (I didn’t follow a pattern, just kept crocheting) for Mother-in-law for Christmas. Progress: Started 8 years ago, its incomplete and in the attic and my MIL died last Sept. Project: Three cute little jumpers for The Girl. Progress: Started last fall, one dress partially done because I don’t really sew well and don’t know how to use bias tape. Project: Ceramic train for baby’s room décor. Progress: Started six years ago when The Boy was a baby, train 75% done and languishing on a shelf in his closet. I could go on, but it’s depressing.

6. Get a mammogram before I’m 40.

7. Walk on that treadmill in my garage starting out at two hours a week; I know it’s not a lot by any means, unless of course you’re a slug, but we’re going from zero to 120 minutes of exercise here folks.

These goals seem rather meek and small.

Screw it, it's Friday and my kids didn't fight or give me an attitude on the way to school and they're both having sleepovers tonight.


Anonymous said...

The establishment of goals is an admirable thing but the living life is more important. Sometimes I wonder why we are all so consumed with accomplishment and productivity.
Big T

Anonymous said...

I guess I come from it from a little different perspective than Big T - without goals I find myself lying on the couch watching anything Tivoed and drinking beer until I fall asleep, than starting the whole process over again the next day. Yeah, I'm living life but I'm not "embracing it," so to speak. Everybody embraces it a little differently, obviously (I have no desire to climb 50 mountains for example, but good for him, I say).