Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Music for white people to hump by

I had to use that title; I stole it from K’s comment on sexual music.

Maybe I’m bipolar—for no apparent reason I’m in a really good mood right now. I’m so rocking out to John Mayer, well rocking out as much as you can in a pod at work with an earphone in one ear and not being able to sing at the top of your lungs. I will not be deterred though I’m dancing in my chair and mouthing the words. Just imagine if you can! LOL I should have put John on my list of sexual music. You’re body is a wonderland…what’s not to love about that? (I also should have put Prince on that list—Little Red Corvette, Darling Nicky, Cream…c’mon…it’s amazing the man has time to write songs and perform on stage!)

The Hubby and I joined the Boy and Girl at school for the Boy’s Thanksgiving Feast today (fried chicken). He was hella excited (this is my fad word of the moment that I’ve promised to only use in this blog because apparently Gwen Stefani uses it and God knows I don’t want to be like Gwen). The Boy told us we had to dress up today. When I walked him to his class he asked if we’d please not embarrass him during the feast. He’s so mature for a six year old. At one part during the feast I noticed his eye twitching.

Me: Uh, what are you doing?
The Boy: Winking.
Me: At who?
The Boy: Erin, she’s sitting over there in the blue shirt.

The Girl was good, you know, deigning to attend a kindergarten event when she’s in third grade and all. She did have to leave though because as her reward for being a hella good citizen of the month for October she and about 20 other kids got to go swimming (indoors of course) for a few hours today.

The Boy’s teacher said she wished they could give awards for entertainer of the month instead of citizen of the month, as he’d be a shoe in for that.

On goals—I agree with TL, we all approach goals differently. For some of us, making it through the day without throwing someone in a wood chipper is a big accomplishment. Keeping ourselves from shouting out all the obscenities and razor sharp abuses running through our heads is something to be proud of. I really do have goals and I don’t necessarily think that means I’m not living life or am caught up in production though.

I do think some people can go overboard and be too goal oriented, but I’m sure I’ll never suffer that fate.

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