Wednesday, October 26, 2005

5 a.m. thoughts

I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning. For anyone that knows me, this is highly unusual. I am not a morning person. In fact, most days I’m scrambling out of bed at 7:15 after having hit both snooze alarms (they are set for 6:30 and 6:45) several times. It’s a mad dash to get the hubby up, get the Boy and Girl up and ready for school. We need to be out the door by at least 8:00 so they aren’t late for school, which starts at 8:20 a.m. Forget trying to catch the bus, we’d never make it, plus I don’t like where the bus stop is (on a busy road) and the school won’t change it.

So yes, I was wide-awake at 5 a.m. I’ve been sick, some sort of respiratory viral thing, whatever it is they couldn’t give me drugs, so I’m taking some over the counter crap that half assed works. I’ve been sleeping a lot. Apparently my body decided at 5 a.m. I didn’t really need any more sleep.

I lay there awhile, looked at the clock thinking I could sleep another hour and a half and wouldn’t that be great? I love stealing sleep; it’s one of my secret pleasures. Like I’m getting away with something. I listed to the hubby snore awhile, he’s a bad snorer, doesn’t normally bother me, unless of course I’m awake at 5 a.m. He hasn’t been sleeping much lately, can’t get to sleep. I think he needs medication.

5 a.m. I get up, get a drink of water and go to the bathroom. Princess Meow Meow (haven’t met her yet? she’s the Girl’s kitten, she picked the name) comes prancing in the bathroom. Of course she’s prancing. The Girl decided she needed a collar, a red one with a bell and rhinestones, because she is a Princess. Now we can here her wherever she is; she seems to be everywhere. She’s looking at me like, “Uh, what the hell are you doing vertical at 5 a.m.? You’re supposed to be in the bed where I can walk on you, knead you (if you don’t have cats this is the thing they do, they paw you like a massage, only with their claws out it’s more like getting a TB test repeatedly) and then lay on you.”

5:15 a.m. I’m looking in the mirror, deciding if I think I can get back to sleep. I realize that I know 3-4 people I could call at 5:15 a.m. and they would be awake, well, more than likely they’d be awake. My mom, brother, aunt and friend Bethie; all of whom would have a heart attack if I called that early simply because they know I do not wake that early.

5:30 a.m., back in bed, hubby still snoring, Princess Meow Meow is now kneading me, I’m staring at the clock thinking wouldn’t I be so productive if I got up, got ready and did a load of laundry or emptied the dishwasher. Maybe this is my body telling me I really could get up and exercise before going to work.

That was the last thought I remember before the snooze blared and I looked at the clock 7:15 am. Damn, running late again.

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