Sunday, November 13, 2005

More on the Tatt

I can't believe the response the tatt post got. Just a little to explain me and tatts (I have no idea why I'm calling it a tatt instead of a tattoo, it's not like I have any clue or point of reference on this subject at all.)

I've always said I'd never get one, the pain factor mostly, plus where would I put it and how's it going to look when I'm 60 etc. My sister, oh, do I have another post on that subject for you!, has one of Winnie the Pooh on her ankle. When she got it I thought how juvenile is that and how uncreative, it's Pooh for God's sake. She should have just had a big YES stamped on her, it would have been much more fitting.

I have a few friend who have tattoos but of course they're younger and hipper than me. I like some of them, they're simple, the tatts, not the friends. Then I started watching this show Miami Ink in TLC. The guys in that shop are hot, granted they're in Miami and on TV so I realize THEY won't be giving me a tattoo. But it's interesting to watch the different people who get tattoos and learn about why they've picked the design. (I've told you, I'm easily influenced and impressed by things I read and watch.)

This got me to thinking about what I'd have done. I had an email discussion with a friend who suggested getting my power animal--an animal that has some connection to your life, that has had some significance, etc. I don't think I have a power animal yet. A couple of friends suggested a penguin, since I love penguins and have since high school. I noodled around with a few sketches, but I don't really know how to get one of those without it looking like a cartoon.

So I came up with the design in the previous post, mainly because if you've ever sat near me in a meeting, this type of thing is what I'm always doodling. It's flowing and curly and relaxing.

Now, to answer another question, I'd not get a tatt, IF (and that's a HUGE IF) I ever indeed got one, on an exposed place. Most likely I'd get it on my back in the shoulder blade area, or possible lower back. No ankles, hips (because, God, how would they even FIND my hip! LOL), breasts or butt (hello gravity!) or thigh.


Anonymous said...

Now I understand the design. I like it even more now that I know it's sort of an unconcious self-expression. My "globe" tattoo is on the heel of my right foot (and though everyone always says that's suppossed to be the most painful spot to get a tattoo, I have no other point of reference so whenever I get it touched up, it just feels like getting a tattoo.)

I'm glad I have it...even though I hardly ever see it.

creative kerfuffle said...

I think I remember you're telling me about your tatt. How long have you had it? It's really perfect for you, the whole globe trotter thing. I want to see it next time I see you.
I'm still undecided on to get or not to get mine.