Monday, October 3, 2005

Things you might not know about me

1. Broke my left arm in middle school running those stupid basketball drills in gym class.
2. Have ridden on a motorcycle.
3. Been known to eat peanut butter and ham sandwich.
4. Write poetry on occasion, not good poetry, but poetry.
5. Have stood on top of the Eiffel Tower.
6. Like French fries and mayo.
7. Stapled my thumb in third grade.
8. Huge procrastinator.
9. Have seen Rod Stewart in concert twice.
10. Favorite artists: Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Seurat, Klimt
11. Hate anime.
12. Holidays and celebrations usually stress me out because of all the expectations.
13. Like poking sticks in fires.
14. Rarely make my bed.
15. Rather be cold than hot.
16. Never have trouble falling asleep.
17. Think about getting a tattoo, and what I’d get (Celtic knot maybe) but know I would never do it.
18. Love crayons.
19. The first (and only) time I drank Purple Jesus (yes, grain alcohol and some sort of juice) I ended up on my butt in the fountain on campus; it was October or so, they’d not yet drained the fountain. It was cold.
20. When I was 5 years old I busted my head open in a pillow fight and had to get stitches.
21. Stupid people really, really annoy me.
22. Like doing the Electric Slide.
23. Don’t like driving big things (trucks, vans etc.) but would love to fly a plane, a small one, not a passenger plane.
24. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have boobs so I could go bra-less all the time.
25. For the most part, my job bores me.
26. A dark dusty closet in my brain thinks I might have mental problems.
27. Addicted to Free Cell.
28. Wash my hands A LOT, like maybe it’s a phobia.
29. When I read Pet Semetary for the second time it freaked me out so badly I jumped (couldn’t walk across the floor) into my younger sister’s bed. I was in college.
30. Love thunderstorms.
31. Hate crumbs on the kitchen counter.
32. Penguins are my favorite bird and have been since high school when I became a Bloom County addict. I mourned Berke Breathed’s retiring the cartoon.
33. Can burp on command—this raises my coolness level with the kids.
34. Horrible speller.
35. Have lived in OK, NC, GA, PA, WV and Germany.
36. Usually don’t answer the phone at home.
37. Don’t know how to play the piano, but have one and would like to learn.
38. Love paint chip samples.
39. Can easily detach myself emotionally when I feel threatened.
40. Love Guinness.
41. Feel like the best of me is hiding up my sleeve.
42. Rarely sit with both feet on the floor.
43. Have a small window between a good buzz and drunk.
44. Totally looking forward to being a Grandma in about 20 years. I want them to call me Nana.
45. Would love to have a library in my house.
46. Prefer smoking to drinking.
47. Bad dresser, no fashion sense.
48. Often feel caught in the middle between family/friends and their secrets.
49. Mind often comes up with total non sequiters few can follow.
50. Fritter away a lot of time.
51. Very loyal.
52. Like peeling dried glue off of my hands.
53. Don’t understand why grape flavored stuff tastes nothing like grapes.
54. Love fireworks. Ideally it’s good to be as close as safety permits so you can feel the thunder in your heart when they explode.
55. Haven’t totally discounted the notion of reincarnation, karma, white/black magic, UFOs or psychic abilities.
56. Never been a bridesmaid.
57. Admire and envy intellectual people; aspire to be one.
58. Reuse gift bags.
59. Have a thing for greeting cards.
60. Do not have a gall bladder any longer, but do still have my tonsils.
61. Somewhat naïve.
62. Christmas wrap whore; I buy it on sale after the holidays. I probably have five years worth of wrap in my attic and will still buy some this year.
63. Love Halloween.
64. Wish Christmas could get back to homemade gifts, family (but not all of it) quiet moments, giving and the true spirit of it all.
65. Hope to one day read and understand the Bible.
66. Don’t eat chicken livers.
67. Get a little thrill out of the studio theme music before movies start.
68. Don’t like the smell of fake lavender, only like the real flower.
69. Love the sight, smell, feel and sound of snow.
70. Am passive aggressive but hate it in other people.
71. Number eight shows up a lot in all my significant life numbers.
72. Brass and glass furnishings turn me off.
73. Not a very good cook.
74. Would like to someday act in a community theater production.
75. Blue corn chips with sesame seeds rock.
76. Hate and am embarrassed by Geraldo Rivera.
77. Love milk.
78. In college I was infatuated with the idea of either dating a guy in the mafia (was on a Mario Puzo kick at the time) or becoming Jewish (because I was taking a Jewish studies class at the time). I think I liked the history and romance of both.
79. Believe there are some people who are truly evil.
80. Sometimes buy stuff on sale that I don’t need because it’s on sale.
81. Have eaten and enjoyed escargot.
82. Secretly think my kids are geniuses.
83. Want to learn how to take and develop my own pictures.
84. Flowers, art, music and books excite me.
85. Microsoft Excel eludes me.
86. Sometimes wish I had become a teacher. I’d teach kindergarten or art.
87. Have watched and enjoyed some John Wayne movies.
88. Had severe bouts of asthma in high school, was rushed to ER a few times.
89. Like getting lost in thought.
90. Places I’ve traveled: Vancouver, Las Vegas, Florida, NYC, Hartford, Conn. (birth place of the great Katherine Hepburn), Chicago, Austria, London, Paris, Germany (myriad cities), Holland, S.C., Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Arkansas.
91. Places I’d like to travel: Hawaii, Vermont, Maine, Australia, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Antarctica, Oregon.
92. Things decorated with hearts make me hurl, unless it’s a Valentine.
93. Wind chimes are a good thing.
94. In high school my friends and I came up with a club, the Mega Mondo Beaner Choil Meese Society of the Flueish Language.
95. Loved being pregnant.
96. My introduction to rap music was in sixth grade?, the Sugarhill Gang. It was my cousin Terri’s album and we learned the words to every song.
97. Be lost without email.
98. Wish all my unmentionables matched.
99. Think we should abolish the two-party system and PACs and money in politics and just elect the person with the best ideas.
100. Love carving pumpkins and toasting pumpkin seeds.

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