Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The good, bad and ugly parent

Sometimes when I take a minute to breath during what I think is a hectic life, I wonder how some parents manage. They are involved with school, I'm talking know all the teachers and school staff on first name basis, volunteer to help with every field day, jump rope-a-thon, etc. They shuttle their little grade schoolers to scouts and gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer and dance (and can afford it!) plus have time to take them to the park and do arts and crafts at home. They feed their kids a nice home cooked meal, complete with all the essential vitamins, minerals, fiber etc. as outlined by the NEW food pyramid. If you're older than 8 toss out the pyramid you know because it's wrong. They clothe their kids in name brand togs from The Gap, Abercrombie (yes, even grade schoolers) and other names I don't even know.

Now here's my world. I drop my kids off at school every morning, some mornings I run in and show my face to the teacher, ask if They Boy is chewing on his collar in class and licking everything in sight like he does at home (yes, he does and he's a leader, apparently his whole class has joined his crusade) and find out how spectacular The Girl is because her teacher has nothing but good things to say about her. (You can just imagine how proud I am!) I email both teachers periodically, see if they need anything for class (usually candy) and if I can help with anything. I sold stuff for the fundraiser, not much, but that crap is so overpriced I'm embarrassed to peddle it. At least once, sometimes twice a year I'll help with a class party. We attend most PTA meetings, though we missed the first one this year. I felt like a toad, but damn I was tired that night.

Activities--The Girl is in Brownies (her 3rd year) and The Boy is too young still for Cub Scouts, though Dad is looking forward to this more so than The Boy. Brownies meet every other week. That's plenty. I volunteer with this once in awhile also, but not every time. I am open to letting both kids do one more activity, provided it's the same activity and at the same time. This is difficult to find, hence, we've not added a second activity. We do go to the park about every other weekend or so, the library about the same, and from time to time we'll do a craft project or play games at home. I do not feel that I have to entertain my kids 24/7, however I don't know if I'm doing this because I really feel this way or because I'm lazy. I don't remember doing all that stuff when I was a kid and I'm perfectly fine. Ok, a little off kilter at times, but considering everything, I'm sane.

Feeding--I try to get fruits and veggies in, it's a chore. I push a lot of applesauce, broccolli, corn (yes I know this is the worst veggie but it's one of the few they'll eat) apples and bananas. I've gotten sneaky also, when I make salad I throw in a ton of spinach, when they ask, as they always do I lie and tell them it's a different lettuce, carrots and celery. Don't bother adding anything else they won't eat it. I might start crushing up some Flintstones vitamins and dusting it over their meals, wonder if they'd notice? I've tried making it fun, milkshakes with yogurt, fruit and low fat ice cream; soups and casseroles with hidden veggie surprises (they all, including the hubby, balk). I can't win.

Clothing--I shop the Evil Empire (yes the one that starts with a W) for clothes because they're cheap. The Girl does not want jeans (doesn't want to take the time to button them and can't find a pair that snap to fit), she likes stretch pants. I understand this, they're comfy. The Evil Empire sells them for $4. The Boy is picky, he might like a plain bold colored t-shirt one month and the next month he needs stuff with words or pictures on it. The Evil Empire sells these for $3. Need I continue?

I don't know my point, other than I've just been feeling like an inadequate parent lately.

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You have progressed to pics. Excellent!
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