Wednesday, November 12, 2008

your kiss is on my list

as i mentioned before, i saw a tv show the other day where a 20 year old couple were waiting until their wedding day to share their first kiss. like most of you i am all WTF? that's crazy. to each his own right? ok, but not kissing until you get married is just flat out stupid.

my question is, where are the bases nowadays? what's the time frame for different things? and i guess i mean for adults not kids because in my perfect little world my kids won't have physical contact with another person in a sexual way until they're at least 16-17 and THEN they can kiss. on the cheek. in the daylight. ok, yes, i know i'm totally naive to expect that, but i'm keeping my head in the sand on that one for a few more years.

anywhooo---i have a friend who is dating and yes, i am one of those friends who wants details. no, i don't want to know the positions and how kinky things get, unless she wants to tell, which she won't, but i do want to know when they have their first kiss and when she sleeps with him. and i honestly don't know why because it's none of my damn business, but i'm nosey like that.

so this friend has been dating this guy for about a month and they finally have hugged and kissed : )

what's the waiting time these days on the first official affection?

and, if you had an orgasm everytime you kissed your sig other would you hide them away from the rest of the world? (thank you cyndi lauper). my answer? i'd have chapped lips and yes, i'd probably chain him up in the house somewhere.

and, i have just discovered that i am a puppet. my friend sweet t, who's so soft-spoken and "innocent" and sweet throws topics of conversation out there TOTALLY knowing that i will bite and totally knowing that i will take the low road and the conversation will ultimately come down to something about having orgasms when you kiss. she's quite the manipulator that one. then screams tmi, tmi like barney fife screaming citizen's arrest, citizen's arrest.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting "innocent" in quotes. :) For the record, it was Broad who was screaming TMI in that convo.

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

sweet--i know i know : ) and honestly, sometimes i just throw shit out there to get your reactions ; )