Friday, November 28, 2008

fluff and stuff

thanksgiving at my parents' house--no family drama happened, but oy vey, my mom really really is a bad cook. the one thing she typically makes that i really, really like is her stuffing. so what does she do? she doesn't make it this year. well, she made some stuffing but it wasn't her stuffing and it mostly came from a box. yuck.

i kid you not, as soon as we left last night my kids, who basically ate turkey and rolls because they don't eat yams or stuffing or broc casserole, were hungry and talking about how bad the turkey was. to say it was dry is an understatement.

we all had upset stomach's last night and most of the day. yeah, thanks mom.

today the hubs had to work part of the day so i took the kids and one of their friends bowling. they were adamant about not wanting the bumper guards on, so the first game, no bumper guards. the boy bowled a 15. second game we had bumpers; he bowled a 69.

tomorrow we're having a mini-thanksgiving, as in the hubs is going to try out his infrared turkey cooker, with my bro and sil, gameboy and puddin.

i participated in black friday today; online. i placed a whopping amazon order and am excited cos that means a lot of the shopping is done for the kids. well, ok, i have more things i want to get them, but i think the bulk of stuff is done.

tonight is veg out night i believe. the hubs is already napping in the recliner; the kids have just gotten their baths and i'm really out of blog fodder; not that this post was tantalizing in any way, shape or form.


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

What is up with not making the stuffing? We had a friends Thanksgiving and someone chose to make stuffing from a box too- it tasted like the box! Yuck!

Heinous said...

mmm...sounds like a yummy Thanksgiving. Let me know next time and I'll give you some turkey to smuggle in.

justsomethoughts... said...

my mom always manages to NOT make the things i like when i come home. i still can't figure it out... but she does make a helluuva turkey. so thats good.

creative kerfuffle said...

aunt bea--i dream of some day having a friends' dinner like that, tho w/out the boxed stuffing.
heinous--will do. smuggling or an intervention will be in order next year.
just---(welcome!) at least your mom makes a good turkey--but why oh why doesn't she make your faves?

Sherendipity said...

Jessica, hmmm...what would I call her? Jessica is my cousin in law-in law? Maybe? Anyway, she made the stuffing in Oklahomafest this week. I was scared to try it because it looked like pebbles of organic weirdness, but holy cow was it good. The only problem was, when you have 30 people eating it, there wasn't nearly enough.

creative kerfuffle said...

shere--pebbles of organic weirdness? uh, you're quite brave : )