Saturday, November 1, 2008

i feel pretty and witty and wise

so....what do you think of the new look? in the back of my mind i'm still toying w/ the idea of moving to wordpress because you can be so much more creative w/ your blogs over there, but i'm absofreakinglootly scared shitless that in the process i will lose three years worth of posts (holy hell, i've been blogging for three years!).

if anyone knows a good (easy=not too tech) way to save/backup blog posts please email me. right now i'm thinking of either cutting and pasting every single entry or worse printing out every page.

the contest is still going on. the hubs hasn't yet said, wow, i want to blog about that, so keep the ideas coming.


Kristin.... said...

oooh i love this!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look!

Sweet T

Sherendipity said...

How can he not want to blog about the floppy penis dance? Hmmm...I wonder if Brad would guest post about the floppy penis dance.

The new look freaked me out!! Don't mind me, it doesn't take much. :) I like it. It's soothing.

creative kerfuffle said...

glad y'all like the new look. i do too, especially flipping the static stuff to the left. i just realized though i totally copied the muddled sage's background color.
sher--as for the floppy penis dance, off all the things the hubs DOES do, that's something he doesn't do.
i'm sure i'll get him to post about something soon.

broad minded said...

looking good CK, lookin' good.