Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 random things

1. the boy just said, "my thumb smells like pickles." he continues sniffing it randomly rather than go wash his hands; we made hamburgers for dinner. he doesn't eat pickles.

2. why does the cashier at the grocery store always ask, "did you find everything you were looking for?" uh, no, i typically find a hella lot more than what i was actually looking for.

3. these are the things the girl wants right this very minute: to go see twilight (we'll go tomorrow); to start her own blog (i'm thinking about this. she doesn't do yourspace or facelibre and hasn't asked to. i could set up a blog for her that's invitation only right?) and to find fergie songs on rhapsody.

(he just sniffed his thumb again!)

4. i am stalking the shelves and amazon waiting for season 4 of lost to come out on dvd--it's only a few weeks away.

5. the boy wants to make caramel apples tonight.

6. the kids are in full vacay mode, wanting to do every single thing they can think of right this very minute. i am in, leave me the hell alone for five minutes mode and we aren't doing anything that requires much effort tonight because hello we have five free days coming up and i just want to veg tonight. the hubs has to work tomorrow but i do not. the kids and i are off the rest of the week. whoot whoot. wonder how long it will take before we're driving each other crazy.

7. the girl is now hand cuffing the boy. i'd say the driving each other crazy part has already started.

8. i have two cats sitting on me at this very moment.

9. the boy asked again about caramel apples and sniffed his thumb. sometimes i really, really wonder if he's ADD or something.

10. has anyone bought anything from an etsy store? if so, are there any you'd recommend?


Sherendipity said...

I do the hand sniffing thing over and over again when i cook with onions. Maybe he's really my kid?
Also, I hate cashiers asking me if I fond everything because, no, I usually DON'T find everything and when you tell them, they don't care.

P.S. I miss you!!

creative kerfuffle said...

shere--you're a sniffer too? lol i miss you too and hope you get home safe and sound.

Heinous said...

At least he's not licking his thumb to make sure.

Laura Jayne said...

When ever I cook with garlic (which is all the time) I will walk around smelling my hands. Then walk up to Hubby and make him smell the garlic smell on my fingertips. Maybe that is what love is, smelling your lovers garlicy fingers and kissing them on the nose for being silly.

creative kerfuffle said...

heinous--yes, licking would be worse. though he did go through a licking phase in kindergarten.
LJ--welcome! i love garlic. and yes, most certainly that's what love is : )