Tuesday, November 18, 2008

impatience.....i gots it

when i was in 6th grade it was decided that i was getting a bicycle for my birthday (which is august 28 in case you want to start hunting now for a kick ass gift for me for next year. i'll be 29.....plus 12).

i remember being very excited because this would be a "real" bike, not the CHILD's bike i'd been riding. because lord knows when you're in 6th grade your an adult for chrissakes.

during that time we lived in nc (for the second time in my dad's army career) in a town that i've since found out is referred to as fayettenam. from what i remember there were not a lot of shopping choices (not that i'm a shopping guru by any means obviously) and it was either sears or kmart.

i WANTED a kick ass 10 speed bike. i'm sure i wanted it to be sparkly blue, a color preference that followed me to high school; i dreamed of some day having a sparkly blue vw bug. neither of the stores had the bike i wanted in stock. i refused to wait for what i actually wanted because i wanted the bike right then. no waiting. impatient much? yes. so, i got a brown, three speed BOY's bike.

it was a bit big for me (i don't know when i stopped growing but when it's all said and done i'm 5'4"). you see where this is going don't you?

my impatient ass had to stand on the curb and swing my leg over the EXTENDED METAL BAR to get on the bike. (why in the HELL is that bar there? even for boys? it's a set up for punishment). and yes, ladies and gentlemen, i injured my va-jay-jay on that damned metal bar on that brown, three speed boy's bike. humph.

***and i have NO idea why that memory came flooding back to me today. my va-jay-jay is fine and i'm sooooo NOT impatient any more. (right!)


Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I hate the nickname "va-jay-jay." No, I don't have a better solution to offer.

Sweet T

broad minded said...

i didn't get my first two wheeled bike until i was 8. i have no idea why my parents waited that long. it was a girls bike, but brown, my brother got its twin in a gray blue. he, 6 years old, learned to ride a day or two before me. that kid has ALWAYS tried to steal my thunder.

creative kerfuffle said...

sweet--i know. right after i typed it i thought, huh, that's not me. i will not use that term again : )
broad--damn brothers, always trying to steal our thunder! i got my first 2-wheel bike (w/ training wheels) when i was in kindergarten; it was bright yellow. it was tiny. i'm sure i had a bike between that little yellow one and the big honkin' 3 speeder of doom, but i don't remember. i do remember my thunder-stealing brother had big wheel or something similar and i wanted one, but was too old for it by that point. i also had a skateboard : )

Sherendipity said...

I won't tell you that my first "real" bike was a blue ten speed, and that I currently own a blue vdub Bug.