Sunday, November 23, 2008

THAT book

i have been bitten. i know i am late to jump on this bandwagon, but OMG i'm so glad i did. a few days ago i was like many of you, didn't know what this series was about, didn't really care. the girl started the series (there are four books in all) about a week ago and she finished book four yesterday. we bought her the first two books, cos, hello, i can't not feed a book habit. she bought the other two, saving up money from her allowance and extra chores (laundry).

how do i entice you to read these books without telling you the story? well, it's about vampires and it's a love story. don't scoff. it's about first love. remember that? omg. reading this first intense, so many YES that's exactly how i felt moments. first love, when you think you'll die when you aren't around the person; when everything else in life still goes on but you're oblivious to it and only feel alive when you're with the person; the devastation of expecting to see them and then not seeing them; the anguish at the thought of never seeing them again; the thrill of just touching their hand and omg don't even mention a kiss. it is a roller coaster, remember?

i am chomping at the bit to start the next book.

i also realize we've hit another little milestone here in CK land. the girl has read and been obsessed with her first love story. she is very into the vampire side of it, but the first love tale was there too and she's commented on it. before this series she was still rereading (for the twelve hundredth time) the harry potter books. (she could totally kick ANY ONE'S ass at hp trivia i'm quite sure. also, side note, the guy who plays the lead in twilight also was in one of the harry potter movies). that was her genre. i tried getting her to read what i read in 6th grade---little house on the prairie etc. i didn't move up to a twilight type book until probably 7th grade. then i got sucked in to all the love stories, harlequins, silhouettes. not the racy adult ones (those came a few years later) but the first love ones, where the entire story built up to the first kiss. swoon : ) i also read endless love then (trippy book) and started reading my beloved stephen king. i think anne rice came later. her vampire stories, also love them, but they are much more adult than this series.

so--if you are looking to totally suspend yourself in another world, i mean totally, like you could spend the entire day reading and maybe stop to pee and get an iced tea, start reading the twilight series. finishing one leaves you with that hungover feeling where you look around going, huh? what did i miss. i haven't read a book like that in a long time.


Anonymous said...

I almost picked up that book at Target earlier. Will have to check it out!

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

ST--i'd say you could borrow the girl's copy but she's already started reading the series again. i'm on book two now. get it. read it.

Kristin.... said...

HA! I warned you. Intoxicating!!!!! Book 2 is good, but not as good. I haven't started 3 yet.