Saturday, November 8, 2008

sweet saturday

today's been a pretty good day around ck-ville.

we got up this morning to a nice, fall day. it's in the mid 60s, a bit windy, but totally beautiful. the back yard is (was) covered in multi-colored leaves and we opened the windows in the house.

the hubs took the boy to guitar lessons while the girl and i went to the grocery store.

then we cleaned up a little and my mom and grandma came over for a very brief visit.

after that we raked and burned some leaves and now the hubs is going to throw a pork loin on the grill and hopefully we'll just chill the rest of the day.

seriously though? these days of nothing really planned, no big project to accomplish (though lord knows there are lots of things needing done--like cleaning out the garage) but just these laid back, be together days are my absolute favorites.

even the drama from last night has ebbed away and the girl is back to her usual self. the kids have raked a huge pile of leaves in the back yard and jumped in them with the dogs.

i feel more connected or plugged in (or whatever i wasn't a few weeks ago) now. i think sometimes i lose sight of just how incredible the hubs really is or how good my kids are and how happy in my soul the three of them make me.

(oh, and plus i got laid today! he he)


Sherendipity said...

damn it, i need to go get laid.

creative kerfuffle said...

sher--i HIGHLY recommend it. srsly.