Wednesday, November 26, 2008

excuse me as my 16 yr old side comes out we went to see twilight today and let me tell you--i TOTALLY get it. i totally get the crazed, screaming, swooning obsession that has hit every female under the age of 16 and a good many of the ones over 16.

the book was good, not in a great literature kind of way, but riveting none-the-less. the movie....although there wasn't nearly enough kissing (according to my 11 yr old girl and i have to agree) i have officially traded in my guilty crush on drake bell for robert pattinson. yes, i realize he's a mere boy and i'm 40, but he's beautiful. or, maybe it's the whole vampire thing that attracts? i don't know. i've always loved a good vampire story. they're sensual and mysterious and the outsiders etc., all attractive. and there's the whole immortality thing and the forbidden love part and the living on the edge of death thing.

yes, i get it.

ok, now the adult side of me. the movie was not a great masterpiece and if don't get off on the book you probably will not like or get the movie. it's a cult thing. there are some differences in the movie and these annoyed the crap out of the girl. she did the same thing with every single harry potter movie, pointed out the smallest details that were not like the book. these things bother her. honestly, they didn't bother me much at all. except there was way less kissing in the movie. : )

i got tickled when the movie first started. we were in a theater that was, oddly enough, not packed, but then again we live in a small town and it has been showing for a few days now. the boy was one of the few males in the theater. when the movie started the pre-pubescent teen girls shrieked with excitement, much like i can only imagine happened when elvis made his appearance on ed sullivan for the first time. we overheard one girl, she might have been 12-14, say she'd already seen it three times and was going to see it again tonight. one of the three girls sitting in front of us also had already seen it.

there were parts that made me laugh, just because of the cheesy dialog, but it was still good. i still enjoyed it. except, as i said, not enough kissing. though honestly any more would have made me uncomfortable, seeing as how i was sitting between my kids. each time they showed a close up of the main characters' faces the boy would lean into me with his eyes closed and ask if the girl was going to get bit now. i assured him the guy was not going to bite her.

on the way home the girl lamented about the differences between the book and the movie; asked again for the soundtrack for christmas; said how she soooo wanted to be bella and on and on.

the boy tried to talk sense into her about the fact that being bitten by a vampire would cause excruciating pain; her response? yeah, but i'd be immortal with edward.

i am now in the middle of the second book, and honestly, not liking it as much as the first. the girl says the 3rd and 4th books are better. we'll see.

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Sherendipity said...

I haven't read any of them, or seen the movie yet. Stress on that yet part. Honestly, when I saw the trailer for the movie the first time, I didn't even know there WERE books. I just thought the movie looked cool.
I think I might be living under a rock.